Best Air Fryers In India ( 2021 ) – Buyer’s Guide

Here, you get all the best air fryers in India. I have provided you a genuine information about the best air fryers. After reading the article, you definitely find one as the best air fryer.

Best Air Fryers In India –

Actually most of the people don’t know about the air fryers.

If you also have heard the name of air fryer for the first time, it can be something difficult to understand, but after knowing it well you’ll feel relaxed.

When I knew about the air fryers, then I was surprised at the same time, because this electronic machine is very useful to enhance the taste of your daily fooding.

Even washing the air fryer, keeping it clean, lifting, incorporating it in a small space can be done very easily.

What Is Air Fryer ?

Air fryer is an appliance, which can roast, toast, warm etc. It means, you can easily roast, grill, fry, bake things by using less or without oil that is really fascinating.

Air fryer holds different capacities, so as per your need you can buy it.

There are a lot of brands, which manufacture air fryers like Philips, Havells, Glen, prestige and more like this.

The air fryer functions to the same extent as the microwave ovens. The only difference is that microwaves are larger than air fryers. If you only want to fry things, then I would recommend you to use these best air fryers in India.

Now you must have understood the actual meaning of air fryers.

So let’s dive into the article about the best air fryers in India.

1. STok Digital Air Fryer ( 4 Liters )

best air fryers in India
Capacity4 L
Wattage1500 Watts
Warranty1 Year


1. Design, Capacity & Options

This air fryer is good in appearance as well as performance. There are many features in it, which makes it a good air fryer.

It is painted in red color on outside with 4-liters capacity of basket at the bottom, which can fry things as per the features given in it.

If we focus about its controling system, the whole air fryer is controlled by a LCD panel that has many options like chicken, chips, cake, fish, warm etc. By using them, you can roast things easily.

2. Temperature, Timer & Technology

Repeating cookings, learn to set temperature and timer to enjoy real recipes. STok provides a variety of temperatures from 80℃ to 200℃ that’s enough to roast anything.

With the perfection of temperature, there is a collection of time settings ( 0 to 30 minutes ) as well.

High speed and 3D air circulation makes it great and the technology roasts things evenly, which maintain the taste of the recipes.

Other features

  • Total 8 Presets for your requirements
  • It is all about grilling, roasting & toasting
  • Everything is here to eat a healthy food
  • Detachable pan and basket


As usual, you get one year warranty on the product.

  • A lot of presets to use

  • 3D air circulation

  • Good in design


2. Philips Air Purifier With Rapid Technology

Best air fryer
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Weight6.9 Kg
Wattage1425 Watts
Capacity2.2 L
Warranty2 Years


1. Design, Timer & Temperature

its starfish like design helps to circulate air every corner inside the air fryer to deliver evenly cooked recipes in a fast way.

Design attracts you at a glance, it is finished with black color to grace your kitchen.

Up to 30 minutes timer on the front as a rotatable knob, to control temperature you get an another knob just above the timer. Both knobs allow us to use them as our requirements.

2. Rapid Air Technology & No Smell

Air fryer’s amazing technology lets you enjoy any type of frying, roasting and even grilling. With a bit oil quantity or no oil, the air fryer permits to prepare things as you want.

At the time of running of the air fryer, no one feels smell like as usual it happens.

Other features

  • Easy to clean without no hassle
  • Rapid air technology
  • Automatic shut off
  • High cooking performance
  • Ready sound indicator


You get a long time warranty on the fryer, that is about two years.

  • 2 Years warranty

  • Sound indicators

  • Rapid air technology

  • A little bit heavy

3. Kenstar Aster 1500 Watts Air Fryer

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Weight7.2 Kg
ColorChery Red
Capacity3 L
Warranty1 Year


1. Capacity & Handle

Do a scrumptious cooking with this Kenstar of 3-liters. This Oxy fryer can do perfectly frying, grilling, baking & roasting to make things delicious.

In spite of having medium capacity of food basket, the fryer allows to cook a large amount of food as it is possible.

I enjoyed its hidden handle to move it from one place to another, with absolutely no effort at all. At last, when the work is finished, you can adjust the handle back to position.

2. Indicators & Air Vent

There are two Incorporated indicators, both are used for different purposes. The first one ensures the power on/off, whereas the other indicates to let you know all the heating process is continue or not.

A very stylish air outlet vent in plastic material. At some intervals, air is emitted to remain freshness by the vent.

Other features

  • 0 to 30 minutes time settings
  • 80 ℃ to 200 ℃ temperature variation
  • Being 1.2m cord length in oxy fryer, you can place it on your favorite spot of the kitchen


Kenstar ensures one year warranty on the product.

  • Large capacity

  • Enough cord length

  • An air outlet vent

  • Slightly heavy

4. American Micronic 1500 Watts Air Fryer

Best air fryers in India
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BrandAmerican Micronic
Weight6.5 Kg
ColorBlack & Silver
Capacity3.5 L
Warranty2 Years


1. Shape, Design & Food Type

If you have heard its name for the first time, there is no need to be confused. Although, this brand is a little new for you, but the people who took this product are happy.

As I said, it is made by including two colors. From a distance, you can see it in the shape of a drum.

The air fryer is suitable for preparing fries, samosas, wafers & other related things to these.

2. Knobs, Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air Technology & Basket

Gazing from above, you first get a temperature controling knob that is embeded in horizontal direction to rotate.

The knob of timer is included just below the temperature knob. There are two indication lights near the timer.

The best thing, I got very useful is that air fryer incorporates turbo fresh air technology. Whenever you pass any dish to grill, roast, fry or bake through the fryer, after the operation is complete, nothing sticks to its food basket.

In other words, you can also say that its frying basket is completely non-stick.

Other features

  • A handle to pull the frying basket
  • Handle is completely insulated from heat and electrical current


You get two years warranty on the product.

  • A comprehensive warranty

  • Full of technology


5. Glen Rapid Air Fryer ( 2.8 Liters )

Best air fryers in India
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Weight5 Kg
Capacity2.8 Liters
Warranty2 Years


1. Stainless Steel Coil, Knobs & Capacity

I have already told about many products of Glen brand.

All the products that I have mentioned in other articles of Glen, have been liked by the people. Today, I am going to tell you about one more of this brand.

The design of the air fryer is the same as all air fryers. By using this Glen air fryer, you can fry things up to 80 % oil free. Internally, the air fryer includes stainless coil to be heated fast.

Like other air fryers, it also has two knobs of temperature and timer.

The air fryer consists of cool touch handle, removable basket with the capacity of 2.8 liters. It ensures whatever you want like grilling, baking, frying & roasting.

2. Power

This air fryer saves the power and plays an important roll to do all job well with low consumption of power.

Now you can enjoy fried foods by using it, crisp from outside and moist from inside. Now enjoy a variety of dishes using rapid air technology without oil.

Other features

  • Easy to clean and process happens qicker
  • Crisp frying is done by vapour steam
  • 1350 Watts power


Brand support is fair enough. It is about two years.

  • 80% oil free cooking

  • stainless steel coils


6. Brightflame 3.2 Liters Air Fryer

Best air fryers in India
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Weight6 Kg
Capacity3.2 L
Warranty1 Year


1. Heating Coils

First of all, you get to see it a slightly different than other air fryers. overall, I loved this look.

The special thing in this brightflame is that 5-heating colis have been used instead of 3-heating coils, so this may be prove to be a good air fryer for you.

5-heating colis ensure to fry dishes evenly in a proper way. So, the people who want more stronger air fryer to be cooked things fast, just go for it.

2. Options To Operate, Knobs & Safety

There are the same things, which are in a normal air fryer such as knobs, basket pulling handle and a nice look that adds beauty to the kitchen.

The given knobs are related to temperature and timer. The knob with temperature looks exactly like we used in olden times, but the timer knob is designed according to today’s time.

It has an auto shut off system for any kind of unwanted thing or unusual rising heat that is really harmful for a tasty food.

At the same time, you find a power stabilizer in it for your safety.

Other features

  • Metal base & non stick food basket
  • Heavy motor with copper binding
  • Body material is plastic


The brand provided one year warranty on the product.

  • Non stick basket

  • 5-heating coils

  • Auto shut off function


7. Hilton Air Fryer ( 1200 Watts )

Best air fryers in India
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Capacity3.5 L
Warranty1 Year


1. Capacity & Usage

If you have to fry dishes in a large amount, then this 3.5 liters capacity air fryer may be absolutely better for you.

You can use it for grilling, baking and frying as well with a large quantity of things, but absolutely I just want to say here, always give some space between the pieces of dishes to be fried evenly.

In case of larger amount of pieces in the basket, it will make you disappointed.

2. Timer & Temperature

As you know, the most useful thing in any air fryer is the knobs, which are related to temperature and timer.

Literally, I liked designing sense of knobs most. I haven’t seen such stylish knobs in all the air fryers that I have taken in my list.

The 30-minute time setting allows you to set the time in which you want to fry a meal. So, by using the timer knob, you can protect your food from being overcooked.

Like others, it also has common temperature settings ( from 80 ℃ to 200 ℃ ) that allow you to set the temperature according to your requirement.

3. Cool Touch Handle

There is also very convenient to pull out its basket with cool touch handle. As a result, you don’t feel hot at time of holding the handle.

Other features

  • Rapid air technology
  • Cooking with 80 % less oil
  • 1200 Watts power


From the purchasing date, you get one year warranty on the product.

  • Large capacity

  • Light weight

  • Cool touch handle


Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

So guys, I hope this article must have cleared all the doubts about the best air fryers in India.

I could tell you about other air fryers, which are available on Amazon, but I didn’t take them because of worst experience of the purchasers who already bought them.

So don’t get you to be confused. Here, I have told about them, which are superior in quality and performance. Go for anyone that suits to you very much. This is my genuine review about the best air fryers in India.

Keeping mind your necessities, you can buy these air fryers with different capacities.

If you want the best air fryer in all these, then my recommendation is for 2 ( Philips Air Purifier With Rapid Technology ), 3 ( Kenstar Aster 1500 Watts Air Fryer ), 4 ( American Micronic 1500 Watts Air Fryer ) & 7 ( Hilton Air Fryer 1200 Watts ), but if you want to buy keeping in mind your needs and budget, then you can choose any of these best air fryers in India.

Finally, if you really enjoyed this post and learned which are the best air fryer for your kitchen in India, please share it to the needy people as much as you can.

Thank you.

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