Best Air Purifier In India ( 2020 ) – A Complete & Genuine Guide

If you are interested to buy the best air purifier in India, I have discussed below a list of the best air purifiers for homes under 15000 rupees.

Best Air Purifier In India –

Pollution has become a very serious problem in our society. The pollution is increasing in every area whether it is water, noise or air pollution.

Day to day changes in all types of pollution are being seen. If we talk about the most dangerous pollution, then according to me, I will give priority to water and air pollution. Both the types of pollution are the most dangerous.

If you look at the pollution in India, the maximum pollution is in North India and the most affected place is Delhi.

In Delhi, you will see much more air pollution. There has been so much air polution in Delhi that the air outside is polluted as well as the air inside the house is not untouched.

Overall, there is so much contaminated air inside the house in Delhi, so people are using different types of air purifiers to avoid it and searching the best air purifier for delhi.

As you know, the level of air pollution in Delhi keeps increasing day by day.

That is why, I thought that whether you are living in delhi or anywhere else. If you are even a little aware of air pollution, then you must keep the best air purifier for home so that pure air can flow in your body.

What To Look For Before Buying An Air Purifier ?

If you are thinking which is the best air purifier in India, before buying any air purifier, you should keep a few things in mind so that you can buy a better air purifier for yourself because in the absence of information it is a bit difficult to choose good things.

So, before purchasing any air purifier, you should look all these things mentioned below.

  • First you have to check the weight of the air purifier so that you don’t have any problem in keeping it from one place to another place.
  • Even look at the design because attractive design enhances the beauty of the place wherever you place it.
  • Now let’s talk about some technical parts like coverage area and CADR. Both of these are very important factors in any air purifier. Keep in mind that always buy an air purifier with a high coverage area and take the same CADR value as maximum because the higher the CADR, the quicker any air purifier will purify the air.

So let’s start to explain all the things about the best air purifier for home.

1. JSB HF131 Air Purifier With HEPA Filter

Best air purifier in India
air purifiers for the home
Power consumption50 Watts
Power sourceAC
Coverage Area625 sqft
Warranty1 Year


This is one of the best air purifiers for the home in terms of design, size and filter.

In fact, I have discussed thoroughly about its all features. So, if the air purifier is suitable according to your room or needs, then you can choose it without any problem.

1. Design, Size, Coverage Area & CADR

The design is very pretty as well as the size is compact, through out the body it designed vertically with all the features.

In this, you have been given a small digital panel for indication.

It is designed solely for big rooms so that it can easily purify the air at a rate of 350 cubic meter per hour. In other words, the air purifier holds the value of CADR 350 m3/hr. At the same time, this purifier can cover an area of ​​625 square feet.

2. Filtration

Eventually, It can remove many invisible particles such as dust, odor, bacteria, smoke, animal hair or any similar component.

Additionally, it has the facility to filter up to 6 stages, which are cold catalyst filter, carbon filter, anti bacterial filter, HEPA filter, UV sterilization and lonizer.

Other features

  • All the operations happen silently
  • Filtration process is very technical
  • It consumes low power of light
  • Compact vertical body

If this air purifier fulfils your needs and you feel it as the best air purifier for the home, buy it soon.


The company provides 1 year warranty on the product.

  • Multi stages of filtration

  • Larger area coverage

  • Not for viruses

2. Daikin MC30 Air Purifier ( Pretty Design )

air purifiers for the home
best air purifier for home
Weight5 Kg
Coverage Area231 sqft
Warranty1 Year


1. Design, Color & Coverage Area

This air purifier easily removes the stench in the house and transforms it into fresh air so that good air can enter our body. In this price range, it can prove to be the best air purifier for home.

This daikin air purifier is designed very well and has been built with a combination of two colors. The body is in full white color and the part from where the pure air comes out is blue.

If you want to fit it in your bed or living room then it will be perfectly fit for both the places. Keep in mind that the air purifier is for limited area of 231 sqft ( coverage area ).

Other features

  • Multiple modes ( Turbo mode, Auto mode, Pollen mode )
  • It comprises pollution indicator LED having three colors
  • You can return it in case you don’t like it easily.


1 year warranty on the product.

  • Easy to use and hassle free

  • Light weight

  • Not useful for large rooms

3. Philips Air Purifier ( 56 Watts In White Color )

best air purifier for home
best air purifiers for home
Weight7.7 Kg
Area Coverage409 Sqft
Warranty2 Years


As you know, Philips brand is making its mark in every field and makes many types of electrical products.

The brand is also second to none in making air purifier. Here, I am going to tell you about one such purifier which is considered to be one of the best air purifiers for home.

1. Design & Look

As you can see it is very beautiful in looking style. In this, it is given the system on both sides to suck the dust, bacteria and whatever air is purified, it is removed from the top.

There is also a control panel in a thin slide above, from which you can also control it according to yourself.

For your convenience, you have also been given an indicator light in the front of the body so that you can know how much pollution is in the air.

Note – The blue light indicates no pollution in the air.

2. Coverage Area & CADR

If you fit this purifier in a room of 409 sqft, then it will be able to purify the entire air of your room properly as it is perfect for a room with 409 sqft or 38 squar meter.

Its CADR ( Clean Air Delivery Rate ) is 324 m3 / hr which indicates to a good purifier. The purifier with higher CADR quickly purifies the air.

Other features

  • Color indicator
  • Vita shield IPS technology
  • Free from Ozone
  • 56 Watts air purifier


It provides long time warranty that is 2 years.

  • The air purifier covers large area

  • It consists of high CADR

  • a little bit heavy

4. Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier

best air purifiers for home
top air purifiers in India
Weight7.5 Kg
Area Coverage355 Sqft
Warranty3 Years + 1 Year


I have mentioned all the above air purifiers or will tell you even further, this air purifier is the best purifier among all.

if you are spending around 15000 rupees, then I would suggest you to close your eyes and without any hassle buy it. Because, all the people who bought this air purifier, they found it better and have given 5 ratings because of one of the top air purifiers in India.

1. Design

Its look has been designed very differently and I liked it at once. The top part is slightly thinner in comparison to the bottom part.

A hole has been given at the top which acts as a pollution indicator. In this, the color changes according to the pollution.

Its color changes to 4 colors. It also includes a stand on the bottom in the shape of curve so that you can easily place it anywhere.

2. Coverage Area & CADR

355 sqft or 33 square meter capacity refers to purify a large room like kitchen, bedroom, drawing room or living room.

As you know the higher the CADR ( Clean air delivery rate ), the quicker your room air will purify and it comes with a higher CADR which is 303 cubic meter per hour that’s great.

Other features

  • All the operations are done silently
  • Auto mode
  • A deep process of filtration
  • In one touch you can change the speed of air purifier
  • It indicates real time pollution in the air
  • Long life HEPA filter


3 years on motor and 1 year on electrical parts.

  • Very low power consumption

  • Low noise ( 22 to 49 dB )

  • Slightly heavy

5. Atlanta Air Purifier ( 43 Watts With HEPA Filter )

best air purifiers for home in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight4.8 Kg
Area Coverage350 Sqft
CADR170 m3/hr
Warranty1 Year


1. Design, Filtration & Noise Level

Not so much an attractive look, but one of the best air purifiers for home in India and full of technology.

The air purifier is made from a combination of two colors. It has a control panel only on the top portion of black and the whole body is made in the shape of rectangle.

Several types of filters have been fitted in it so that fitration process can be done up to 7 stages. Its noise level also doesn’t bother you because it is the lowest 35 dB and the highest 45 dB.

Other features

  • Color combination ( black & white )
  • 3 fan Controlling modes ( slow, medium & fast )
  • Manually, timer adjustable
  • LED display
  • Multiple different modes for easy operations
  • In case of cut off, it auto starts
  • 43 watts power


The brand provides 1 year warranty on the product.

  • Light weight

  • Filtration with HEPA filter


6. Purita Elegance PC1912 Air Purifier

best air purifier for home in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Coverage AreaOver 400 Sqft
CADR308 m3/hr
Warranty1 Year


This purifier is neither too expensive nor untouched by any advance technology. It is also the best air purifier for home in India. I have found this air purifier at a sudden. So, I decided to discuss here everything about it.

In this, you also get many such features that anyone can hardly be found in this range.

1. Design & Filtration

This air purifier is designed in a very modern way. It has a touch panel on the top view, so that you can control it as per your requirement.

The top portion looks as if it is separate from the whole body, although not separate.

There is a process of filtration with all the filters at the back. The 5 step filtration process purifies all types of dust and impurities and additionally wherever you place it, it will give unique look.

2. CADR & Coverage Area

As I have told you that in any air purifier, only two things are the most important which are the CADR and the coverage area.

This purifier has the ability to purify rooms with a capacity of more than 400 sqft and that too at the rate of 308 m3/hr.

You can’t get any other air purifier at this price with such a coverage area.

Other features

  • At the time of requirement of new filter, there is filter replacement indicator in it
  • Auto mode
  • True HEPA filtration with multi layers
  • Digital air quality display


The brand provides one year warranty on the product.

  • Larger coverage area in this range

  • High CADR value

  • Not too much costly


7. Coway Air Purifier With Multiple Filters

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight5.7 Kg
Coverage Area255 Sqft
CADR216 m3/hr
Warranty3 Years + 1 Year


Already, I have discussed one above related to this brand “Coway”. This is really a very reliable product and even air purifier company in India.

People who have bought it also have given 5 ratings. It is just around 11000 rupees, not too much expensive.

So, if you have thought of buying an air purifier around under 15000 rupees then I would say this air purifier will prove to be the best air purifier in India for home.

1. Design & Filtration

The design is exactly the same as that of the coway above. You get a color changing LED hole, control panel at the top and exactly the same look, just some of the features changed.

There is a 3 stage filtration process which completely removes pollutants, dust and other PM2.5 particles. There are several types of filters such as pre filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter to make air filtering easier.

2. Speed, Coverage Area & CADR

There are three levels of speed to control it according to the needs. If the higher pollution, take it at full speed otherwise you can choose low or medium.

Coverage area is 255 square feet and the CADR value 216 m3/hr.

Other features

  • Power consumption 44 watts only
  • Noise level varries from 31 dB to 44 dB
  • One touch speed adjustment
  • 8500 hours filters’ life


The brand ensures 3 years warranty on motor and 1 year on electrical parts.

  • Low noise and power consumption

  • Good looking style

  • For medium rooms

8. Daikin MC76 Room Air Purifier

Weight5.6 Kg
Coverage Area538 Sqft
Warranty1 Year


1. Design

As you can see, this air purifier is a combination of white and silver color that looks very pretty. All the necessary buttons are on the top of the body. Overall, this is very easy to use and user friendly.

2. Speed & Noise Level

As all know that noise depends on speed. The higher the speed, the more noise. This air purifier has 3 speeds. When you run it at 1 or 2 speed then the noise is equal to nothing but when you run it at full speed it makes a little noise.

Other features

  • At the time of no pollution, the air purifier switches off
  • Many types of modes
  • It easily removes all the fine particles
  • Live tracking of pollution through three LED colors
  • It includes all the important components
  • 538 sqft coverage area


1 year warranty on the air purifier.

  • Suitable for larger rooms

  • A little bit noisy at full speed

Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

Literally, all the air purifiers I have mentioned are the best purifiers at their own level, only you have to inspect, which one will be better for you.

Firstly, see your requirement what size of purifier will be perfect according to your room.

Because, I have told you about all the air purifiers with many features and coverage areas. Now, it is your chance to choose the best air purifier in India for you.

If your room is large, then you should buy one, which is suitable for a large room and if your room is medium or small in size, then you should choose an air purifier with medium or small coverage area.

I told about many air purifiers of different kinds and brands, you can easily buy any one the best air purifier in India according to your needs.

At last, my recommendation is for 2 ( Daikin MC30 Air Purifier ), 3 ( Philips Air Purifier 56 Watts In White Color ), 4 ( Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier ), 8 ( Daikin MC76 Room Air Purifier ).

Important Note –

I only wanted to say, there are a lot of frauds in Indian online markets. After inspection of big websites, I got that they are promoting cheap and useless products.

At the same time, because of no knowledge you get deception. So, I have to aware of frauds and make your valuable money safe.

If we talk about the best air purifiers in India, in this I also got lots of cheatings.

However, I did a deep research on the best air purifiers in India, then I see 50 % of described products are useless on popular websites.

Finally, my suggestion is to you that if you want to buy the best air purifier in India 2020, read the review of the best air purifier for home in India or the best air purifier in India 2020 from the genuine websites, then go for one to buy.

Thank you.

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