Best Battery For Inverter In India ( 2021 ) – Buyer’s Guide

If you need an inverter battery for your home, read this article for choosing the best battery for inverter. I have written a genuine review on batteries for inverters which is best ?

Best Battery For Inverter In India –

The word ‘Battery’ has a different significance in itself.

Today without a battery, you will probably feel something incomplete in your house. When light comes in the house properly, we don’t need such a thing which is related to battery or inverter. Due to light we don’t care about these things.

But actually, this idea of having an inverter and a battery comes to you when something goes wrong in light.

It means, when the light doesn’t come for 2 or 3 days then we just think and only one thing comes to our mind If we had an inverter and a battery in our house then we wouldn’t have to face much trouble.

Well, some people are smart because they are already using a set of an inverter and a battery.

In other words, now a days much more people are using an inverter and a battery arrangement at their homes. The people who don’t use this combo of an inverter and a battery, they face problems related to light when the light goes for a long time.

Well, today you get an inverter easily in the market because whenever you go to any shopkeeper, in most of the cases he suggests you a branded inverter.

But, in case of batteries if you are familiar with the good companies of the batteries, then maybe you get a branded battery from them otherwise they suggest you to buy other company’s batteries and always say to you better too.

So, please before buying batteries for your inverter pay a bit attention.

What should we look for before buying an inverter battery ?

Before purchasing any battery, you must pay attention to some things as if how much the back up power of the battery ( in hours ) and even other many factors like weight, voltage, battery type etc.

Because if you take care of all these things a little bit, you probably will be able to choose a good battery for yourself.

Types Of Inverter Battery –

Always remember you will be able to choose a good battery for you only when you have a better knowledge about the batteries.

In addition keep in your mind, not only branded items are good enough but also sometimes non branded items better in quality and performance.

Here, the question is not whether you buy a branded battery or non-branded. Only it matters, Do you have a little knowledge about the batteries.

What kinds of batteries you should buy for your home ? or how many types of batteries are available in the market ?

You should also know all these things, because many types of batteries are available in the market and if you have the right knowledge about batteries then you won’t be deceived.

So let’s start without wasting of time.

Batteries have many varieties. In all of them, you have to find the right battery for your inverter. Well, today I’m just going to talk about the best inverter with battery type that is Tubular Battery.

Tubular Inverter Battery –

Tubular batteries are the best batteries among all due to durability and long life. These types of batteries are very popular and more efficient.

They last for a long time and have low maintenance. Tubular batteries a bit costly in comparison to normal type batteries but having so many advantages.

So I will always recommend you to buy tubular batteries only not other batteries. Because, if you use other types of batteries, you get more problems like harmful gases or having no better efficiency.

So here is a list of best inverter batteries in India, which are tubular. you can choose any of them without any hesitation.

1. Luminous 120 Ah Inverter Battery With Luminous Zelio Inverter

TypeTubular Battery
Power120 Ah
Warranty1 year


First of all, if you are thinking that I was just going to tell you about the inverter batteries only, why I included this combo pack ?

Actually, I am telling you about this combo pack because of its price & quality.

If you buy a good tubular battery individually then its price will be more high but here is a tubular battery with a UPS which comes in best price range as well as best inverter with battery in India.

The battery I am telling you is a good and one of the top inverter battery brands in India, the battery also having an inverter, so I thought why I shouldn’t tell you about it.

This battery is very suitable for those places or homes where an average number of electrical equipments are used.

Due to having a good backup power this inverter battery allows you to light 3 tubelights of 40 watts, 3 ceiling fans of 90 watts that’s great and even in addition if you have a LED TV at your home then you can run it without any hesitation.

Although its power is not so good but enough. It is only 120 Ah.


You get 1 year warranty on the inverter battery.

  • Enough electrical equipments can be used

  • You get a luminous zelio inverter with it

  • 120 Ah

2. Amaron 150 Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

TypeTubular Battery
Weight62 Kg
Power150 Ah
Warranty3 Years


I’m sure you’ve heard the name of this brand of the inverter batteries. This is a very popular brand because it offers superior quality of the batteries as well as giving you warranty for more days.

So, I’m going to tell you about this battery. It is the best battery of Amaron company and also can be said best inverter battery in India.

Generally, we are afraid of the fact that whatever we are purchasing a battery, it will not leak out after using some days.

So, I’m not talking about the poor quality of batteries, but this one, I am telling you is the battery which you don’t get leakage in any way because it contains low lead reserve and this is why you don’t have to do too much maintenance.

The other factors make it a perfect battery due to its stamina. It is able to to bear high heat hence you get all right in all the weathers. Its tolerance power is too high, so I consider it a best inverter battery in india.

Charging process is too easy and very fast as well. No need to check again and again.


The manufacturer provides you a long life warranty that is 3 years from purchasing date.

  • It needs low maintenance

  • Fast charging

  • Long warranty


3. Massimo 200 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

TypeTubular Battery
Weight63 Kg
Power200 Ah
Warranty4 Years


Massimo brand is not as famous as others but it can also compete with bigger companies’ batteries. According to its price, you get quality product in a better price.

At the same time, just take a look at its power which is 200 Ah. Normally, in India most of the batteries come with 150Ah power and 12V voltage.

So, you can say exactly that it will be a little better than usual used batteries because its power is more than the usual batteries and even price is not too high.

This inverter battery fits easily with any type of inverter and also its backup time is really worthy. If you are thinking of its backup time, then let me tell you that it has full load backup time of 5 to 7 hours.

As I mentioned above, the life of tubular batteries is slightly higher than normal batteries. So, if I talk about the life of this battery, first remember everything depends on maintenance if you do it properly, then it can easily be saved for 8 to 10 years.

The best thing is that installation process is totally free but required material you will have to provide.

Old battery replacement option is available with this battery. At last I would say, this is one of the best batteries for inverter at home.


The company provides a long time warranty that is 4 years ( 72 months ).

  • Long life & durable battery

  • Maximum backup power


4. Luminous 220 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

TypeTubular Battery
Weight64 Kg
Power220 Ah
Warranty36 + 24 Months


Firstly, If you don’t know and are being confused about the value of the Ah. The Ah value is the value by which you can find out the backup power of a battery after calculating devices being used in your house.

Additionally, you would know how much battery has the backup power in a day. So, there is no need to be confusd so much.

This Luminous battery is one of the best inverter battery for home. This battery comes with 220 Ah.

It means if you are using a few number of electrical equipments then the battery backup will be high and if you are using a lot of electrical equipments in your house then of course the backup power will be low. So, it depends on usage.

The life of this battery supposed to be 5 to 8 years so it is very durable battery. It weighs 64 Kg. The company ensures warranty ( 36 + 24 months ) on this product.

  • 220 Ah power

  • Long time warranty


5. Exide 150 Ah Instabright Inverter Battery

Power150 Ah
Weight40 Kg
Warranty36 Months


You know that Exide brand is a very old brand in terms of batteries as well as very trusted.

Before sometimes, most of the Exide batteries were used only, but now there are a lot of brands available in the market.

By the way, here is a battery of the Exide Brand about which I m going to discuss. Well, this is not a tubular inverter battery, but have good performance and one of the top batteries for inverter.

Exide offers you superb backup through this inverter battery. All the features are as same as others, but some features helps to you choosing this Exide inverter battery.

Features like float guide feature ( it is the feature which states the quantity of electrolyte in battery easily you can find it ), moulded handling and 36 months warranty etc.

Once you decide to take it, always be happy. It’s weight is less that is 40 kg, so no need to worry about to put from one place to another place and the best thing is that it’s moulded handles ensure an easy handling.

It means using these handles it can be easily held.

Battery is made of thick plates and It contains dual plate separation that decreases the premature failure.

So, if you decided to buy an Exide inverter battery, go with it. This is the best Exide inverter battery.

  • Thick plates construction

  • Lighter weight

  • Float Guide


6. Luminous 120 Ah Tubular Battery with A ECO Watt 650UPS

TypeTubular Battery
WeightNormal Weight
Power120 Ah
Warranty15 + 15 Months On Battery


I have already dicussed about a similar combo in which you were also getting the inverter along with the battery.

Here again, I am going to tell you about a combo that is related to the luminous brand in which you get the best battery for UPS and also a ECO watt 650UPS.

It is one of the best combo of an inverter and a battery and gets fixed in a small space.

It means, very compatible with space and charged quickly, so you can easily use this combo in your office, home wherever you want.

The weight is as normal as other batteries and if we talk about the warranty that is 36 months on UPS and 15 + 15 months on battery.

  • You get a combo in a lowest price

  • Compatible in a small space


7. Luminous 200 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

TypeTubular Battery
Weight60 Kg
Power200 Ah
Warranty3 Years


As you see, I discussed most of the inverter batteries related to Luminous company. The reason behind this is that in most of the houses the luminous company’s inverter is being used, people like to buy the battery of same company ( luminous ).

That’s why I have told you most of those luminous batteries which are the best.

Here is one of best luminous batteries. This battery has long life because of 200 Ah. if your house is not larger and some electrical equipments are used, it will give a long battery backup.

Its tall desing makes it fit in a small place. It means the battery occupies a small area to be store and additionally the battery doesn’t require much maintenance so you can’t be too upset.

  • 200 Ah Power

8. Luminous 120 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery With Trolley & A Zelio 1100 UPS

TypeTubular Battery
Power120 Ah
Warranty3 Years


All the main thinngs of this battery I already mentioned in the box above. Now let’s talk about its genuine review which is the most important.

This combo pack, buy only those people who need 1 UPS with the battery otherwise if you already have UPS or Inverter then you can buy any individual Inverter battery mentioned above.

firstly, if we talk about the battery then I will say that it is very impressive and durable with quality material. We all want such things.

It gives you a long time backup and works with all the electrical equipments. Functionalities and features all are good. As we know the battery comes with a UPS that is overall pretty well in quality.

Only, I have to say you about the trolley. It is just made of low quality of material and having some flexibility, but passable. Finally I will recommend you to buy this one of the best batteries with a UPS.

The brand supports you in installation process and provides 3 years warranty on battery and 2 years warranty on UPS.

  • A quality product

  • Durable

  • Trolley comes with low quality of material

Opinion –

So finally, I only want to tell you that you can buy any type of the battery, but if you really want a good performance or to have a durable battery, then only you should buy tubular batteries.

Now, it doesn’t mean that all the batteries except tubular batteries are useless It’s not at all.

Now a days most of the house holders are using tubular batteries and got the circulation of tubular batteries is very high, and they are also long life batteries, so I am telling you about the best inverter batteries for home in India and also can be used in offices or cabins.

So, if you are also going to buy the best UPS battery for home connecting your inverter, then I promise that after reading this article you will be completely satisfied because after reading it you will know a lot of things about the inverter batteries.

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