Best Gas Stoves In India With 3 Burners ( 2021 ) – Buyer’s Guide

The article is all about the best gas stoves in India under 5,000 rupees. Here, you will know about a list of the best gas stove brands in India. Now, you can easily choose one of them if you are interested.

Best Gas Stoves In India –

As you know, gas stoves play an important role in women’s life and now-a-days having gas stove in the kitchen is very essential for the duodenum of the house. By using gas stoves, they can cook anything easily.

In earlier times when the clay stoves were lit, only then one could do the work related to cooking. But in today’s time, with the help of gas stoves, you can cook or heat anything at any time.

You will get different types of gas stoves in the market today, but it has become a bit difficult to identify the best brand of gas stove in India.

In offline market, any shopkeeper describes each of his goods as good, but in online market you see people’s positive reviews if the product is good otherwise they give negative reviews as well.

So firstly, I advise you to collect information about anything which you want to buy. After that, decide from where you should buy the product.

Well, finding the best gas stove in India 2020 is very difficult due to a lot of products. But don’t worry I’m here to tell you about the best 3 burner gas stove in India 2020.

So let’s start which gas stove is best to buy on Amazon under 5,000 rupees.

1. Elica Vetro Gas Stove ( 3 Burners )

Weight10 Kg
ColorBlack & Silver
Body MaterialGlass & Stainless Steel
Warranty2 Years & 5 Years


1. Burners & Flame

If you want to buy a gas stove under 5,000 rupees then you can take this one ( gas stove best brand ). The gas consists of 3 types of burners ( small, medium & jumbo size ) to be friendly with all kinds of pots from small to big.

It has smooth and sharp flames to cook your dishes very fast.

2. Shape, Color, Pan Support & Drip Trays

When it’s viewed from above, it looks alike rectangle, which is designed in a beautiful way with burners, pan supporters, drip trays etc. Gas stove includes two normal colors ( black & silver ).

All the burners have been fitted in zigzag style by not keeping them in a straight line.

There is a pan support and drip tray around the every burner. Drip trays are made of stainless steel and easily removable. It means, you can also remove them for cleaning.

Overall, I would say that it’s an excellent gas stove, which can make your kitchen attractive.

Other features

  • Body is about glass & stainless steel
  • It includes heavy brass burners, high quality knobs, double drip trays.
  • Stainless steel plate support
  • Smooth knobs
  • Euro coated grid


You get two types of warranty. The first one is for glass top ( 2 years ) and second one is 5 years for rest part.

  • You don’t get messy grease after work is done

  • Comprehensive warranty

  • Used material is very qualitative


2. Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burners Gas Stove

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight8.84 Kg
Body MaterialStainless steel
Warranty2 Years


1. Material, Burners & Its Quality

As you know, Prestige is a very popular brand in India, so I’ll say this is one of the best brands for gas stove.

This gas stove has very attractive design. Its all the parts are well designed. Apart from this, Good quality of material ( stainless steel ) has been used to make this gas stove, which ensures durability.

The burners are decorated in zigzag style and have been built with brass material.

Burner’s pan supporters are of good quality and allows you to put any small or big pot on it.

2. Drip Trays & Knobs

As well as, you get drip trays around the burners to prevent any kind of liquid from spreading down due to which surroundings of the burners can easily be cleaned after taking them out of the position.

Knobs are very soft to perform any operation smoothly. Gripping is very good and In other words, you can hold the knobs easily to circulate vertically left and right.

On the knobs, the red color represents how much or less gas you are using.

Other features

  • Toughened glass for durability
  • Very efficient pan support
  • Long lasting material
  • Suitable for all types of pots


The brand provides 2 years warranty on the product.

  • Shiny look and pretty design

  • Durable and suitable for all types of utensils


3. Sunflame Gas Stove ( 3 Burners )

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Body MaterialStainless Steel
Warranty2 Years


1. Burners’ Quality, Body Material & Feet

This gas stove has three burners in zigzag style and all the burners are made of brass material having different sizes.

Body of the gas stove is made of steel material. Although the body material isn’t comparable to above ones, but it’s useful and also perfect in terms of price.

There’re also four feet at every corner of the stove so that the gas stove could be kept at any place without wavering.

2. Knobs

The quality of the knobs is very good and very easy to rotate. By the way, in most gas stoves, knobs are given very close but in this gas stove there is enough space between two consecutive knobs. In other words, you can say that knobs are in front of the burners.

Other features

  • Good quality material of body and parts at own level
  • Anti-skid feet
  • ISI certified
  • Efficient brass burners with high flames
  • Stainless steel drip trays

So, if you planned to buy a gas stove under 3,000 rupees, this is one of the best gas stove brands and trusted as well.


You get 2 years warranty on the product.

  • Consists of all the features at low price

4. Superflame Gas Stove ( Toughened Glass Gas Stove )

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Type3 Burners Gas Stove
Body MaterialGlass & Steel Metal
Warranty2 Years


1. Design & Quality

Most of the design is similar to the one above. Additionally, it gives you a better quality in comparison to the above one. The gas stove has the entire body of steel, but the top part is made of sturdy glass to keep this gas stove durable for more days.

The design is simple as well as attractive. Even though its price is a bit higher than the one above, but it’s very good in quality and performance.

2. Burners, Pan Support & Knobs

Burners are very efficient to spread heat through the utensils and it allows you to cook faster anything, the material of the burners is of brass.

Drip trays ( made of stainless steel ) can be cleaned easily after removing it from the stove as well as dirt & grease around the burners.

There’s an attatched of powder coated pan support has also been provided, which works like a good base for all types of utensils. The height of the pan support from the burner is also sufficient so that the heat could spread well in any vessel.

If we talk about knobs, the size is perfectly fine, you can easily hold or operate it by your fingers. Smooth rotation ( clockwise and anti clockwise ) of the knobs takes place.


Superflame provides 2 years warranty on the product.

This is the best gas stove 3 burner related to the brand Superflame as you know, you can buy it without any hassle.

  • Fine quality of material

  • Design is superb attractive with black

  • Durable for more years


5. iBELL Glass Top Gas Stove

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Type3 Burners
Body MaterialToughened Glass & Powder Coated
Warranty2 Years


1. Design, Body Material & Feet

iBell is well known brand and provides products in many fields. This also provides best gas stove 3 burner in India. If you go with this brand. That means, you buy the best company gas stove.

The design is really very beautiful and things are arranged properly. Its entire body is powder coated and the top part is made of strong glass, which makes this gas stove durable.

Moreover, gas stove has four stands ( anti-skid feet ) for supporting at every corners. Overall, I would say that this gas stove is easy to use along with being user friendly.

2. Knobs, Burners & Pan Support

To control all three burners, knobs have been given nearby, which are made of good plastic material and all are very easy to operate.

The burners have been fitted in a zigzag style covering the entire top portion rather than keeping it in a straight line.

Every burner has an individual pan support allowing you to put utensils well at right position. As a result, flame of the burners circulates well in the pots. Pan supporters can also be removed for cleaning.

Other features

  • High quality brass burners and are totally safe at high temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Flame is distributed evenly
  • 7 mm thick toughened glass


You get one year standard warranty and one year on registration.

  • Long time warranty

  • Easy to use and durable body material


6. Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove

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Type3 Burners
Weight9.9 Kg
Warranty2 Years


1. Design, Material & Knobs

Its texture is such that even after using it for a long time, you won’t have any problem of rust.

Many durable materials with toughened glass have been used in its finishing. Stainless steel is somewhere and even plastic has also been used in it, which plays the best roll in knobs.

Knobs look very pretty and are mentioned the level of flame power nearby you can use the gas as per usage.

Burners are of brass material and consist of tri pin on it. Around burners, you get individual pan support.

Additionally, there is very low price of the gas stove. Easily, you can buy it. I consider it as a budget and one of the best gas stoves in India.

Other features

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Euro coated grid
  • Two medium and one small heavy brass burners
  • Stainless steel trays for supporting


Comprehensive warranty available that is two years.

  • Top view is very attractive

  • Rust free glass top


7. Sunflame 3 Burners Gas Stove

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Type3 Burners
Body MaterialPowder Coated


By the way, all the gas stoves I have mentioned above are under 5,000 rupees, but this one has a bit high price as compared to ones above. This is the only difference.

I liked everything about this gas stove except the price. Nevertheless, I am recommending this to you as its review is very good and I’ve also tested it live.

1. Design, Burners, Drip Trays & Pan Supports

I won’t talk much about the design because everything is same as the one above.

All the burners are in zigzag style and the knobs are also close by. Almost, the entire design is the same as the one above.

The burners are of brass material and comes with tripin. Drip trays ( all around the burners ), which prevent the liquid from flowing down. There is also individual pan support around each burner to keep the pot properly balanced.

2. Glass Top & Knobs

The glass above it is pied, which looks very attractive and different from others. In addition, it enhances durability as well.

To control the flame emanating from the burners, you get three knobs having perfect size and at the time of circulation, you feel very smooth.

Other features

  • Powder coated body
  • Euro coated pan supports
  • Stainless steel drip trays
  • 1 Super big burner
  • Appropriate feet


Not confirmed in the product’s description but you can ask from the seller.

  • Very convenient and superb in all the perspectives
  • Warranty not confirmed

8. Lifelong 3 Burners Gas Stove With Toughened Glass

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight6.7 Kg
Type3 Burners
Warranty1 Year


1. Knobs & Burners

You must have seen one thing that all the stoves are almost same in appearance, but we always find a bit change in the design somewhere.

Just like that I’ve told you some such gas stoves in which you get the knobs are right in front of the burners and some in which you get knobs are very closer to one another.

In this one, all the knobs are adjacent not front of the burners, which makes sure easy and fast operations. All these knobs are made of nylon material so that the knobs don’t face any problem when the gas stove is heated. The burner’s quality is purely brass.

Burners are placed with enough space to easily prepare large dishes. They’re in zigzag style.

2. Glass Top, Pan supports, Drip trays & Anti-Skid Feet

On the top portion there is a strong and long lasting glass of 6 mm, which adds a superior touch to the gas stove. It’s completely break resistant and even able to withstand high temperature.

As usual, around the burners you get pan supports and drip trays too, the quality of the pan supports are superior. In other words, these all are very thick to maintain the balance of heavy pots.

Moreover, there are four anti skid feet ensure no tilting of the gas stove on any of the places.

Other features

  • ISI certified
  • 360° Swivel gas inlet


The brand provides one year warranty on the product.

  • Light weight

  • Easy to adjust flames


Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

So friends, I hope this post will prove to be helpful to you. I have written this post for people who want best gas stoves in India under budget.

If you think of buying a gas stove under 10,000 rupees, in the last post I have told you about some of the best gas stoves in India, which are under 10,000 rupees and even the best in performance.

Only I want to say that whether you buy a gas stove under 5,000 rupees or 10,000 rupees, you will get better in both the prices. There may be a slight difference in material and quality and all things will be the same.

In today’s post, all are the best gas stoves in India 2020 of their own level.

But, if you are looking for the best 3 burner gas stove in India among these all, then I would recommend you 1 ( Elica Vetro Gas Stove – 3 Burners ), 2 ( Prestige Marvel Plus 3 Burners Gas Stove ), 5 ( iBELL Glass Top Gas Stove ) or 6 ( Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove ), because I liked these in quality and performance too, which can be very durable for you.

but friends, now don’t think that apart from these two, others are bad because your own choice may be different.

FAQs On Best Gas Stoves In India ?

1. Which Brand Of Gas Stove Is Best ?

Genuinely, there are a lot of brands in India, which provide qualitative gas stoves, but I’ll recommend you to go with Elica, Prestige & iBell to get high performance & quality products.

2. How Do I Choose A Gas Stove ?

Firstly, find the total number of the people in your family, then look at the range what you want to spend. Moreover, if you’ve to cook multiple things at a time, go with high number of burners otherwise low number of burners.

3. Is Stainless Steel Good For Gas Stove ?

Yes, definitely stainless steel gas stoves are better, because these types of gas stoves provide durability & no corrosion at all. Additionally, they are completely non reactive.

Thank you.

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