Best Geysers In India ( 2021 ) – Buyer’s Guide & Recommendation

If you are searching the best geysers in India for this winter, you are at the right place. Here, you find all the best water heaters in India under 10,000 rupees with my genuine review.

Best Geysers In India –

Hello guys, how are you ? I hope you all are doing well. Friends, as you know that the weather has changed and winter is growing slowly, but people are very smart because they change themselves according to the weather.

Due to change in weather, sales of wooden things are going to increase and even all the things related to winter.

So definitely, there will be an increase in sales of many kinds of things. Well, I have seen that some people have fear in bathing with cold water so they don’t take bath for months, but some are very authentic and bathe regularly.

So if you fear from bathing, you can buy the best water heater in India for you. In other words, you can arrange a geyser or water heater in your house to do fresh bathing everyday.

If wanna buy the best water heaters in India, take a look on the article, because today I am going to discuss about the best geysers in India.

So let’s start the topic.

1. Racold Eterno Swift Water Heater

best geyser in India
Weight8 Kg
Power3000 Watts
Capacity15 Liters
Warranty2 Years + 3 Years & 5 Years


1. Design & Material

By the way, Racold is a very popular and well known brand in the field of geysers or water heaters. The brand gets best rating on geysers or water heaters. So, I am going to tell you one of Racold’s best geyser in India.

Two colors have been used to make it. White color on both sides and gray in the middle. It starts glowing from a distance due to its beauty.

The front has a control switch (knob) at the bottom which is capable of controlling heating as required.

Knob is also made of good quality material, so that flame controlling can be done for more days.

2. Element & Speed

In this, titanium material has been used as a heating element which is 33% faster and high power heating element.

It takes no time for heating water and heats water in minutes without consuming time. The heater is a type of storage water heater with a capacity of 15 liters of water.

Other features

  • High pressure resistance
  • Smart mix in slow process
  • High performance
  • Polymer protective coating


It provides two year warranty on complete product, 3 years on heating element and 5 years on tank.

  • Durable and efficient element

  • Comprehensive warranty on different parts


2. Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater

the best water heater
Weight11.4 Kg
ColorWhite & Black
Capacity15 Liters
Warranty2 Years & 5 Years


1. Size, Design & Quality

About the size I would say ‘enough’. Its dimensions are 25 × 20 × 25 cm. By using it, you can refresh yourself and enjoy the shower using hot water. It provides hot water very easily and safely. The geyser has sufficient capacity along with compact size.

In design, It seems very simple because I got the overall design of the water heater a little bit old and on the surface you see printed leaves.

By the way, most of the geysers get spoiled just because they have a lot of rust effect.

But, this is not the case with this Bajaj water heater as it consists of glass-lined coating inside it and strong plastic is used on the outer surface. There is a combination of quality materials, which makes it the best water heater.

Other features

  • Try Pin Plug with fire safety wire
  • High efficiency and long life
  • 0.70 megapascal pressure


You get 2 year warranty on overall product and 5 years on tank.

  • Quality material of wire

  • Enough capacity in this price

  • A little bit weighty

3. Usha Misty Storage Water Heater

best brands for geysers in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight8.8 Kg
Power2000 Watts
Capacity15 Liters
Warranty7 Years, 3 Years & 2 Years


1. Design & Material

Usha is one of the best brands for geysers in India.

Focusing on its design, I’ll say that it looks better than just above one. Don’t worry I will put all the perspectives before you why I really liked it.

Surface is built in a sphere style and a regulator is provided to control the flame on the top. You get some design on the front face. The top part and the bottom ( both ) are in black color, the middle part is in gray color, so it looks fine from a distance.

The inner surface is glasslined coated and the outer material is ABS plastic.

2. Heating Technology

The technology of heating is very faster and safe. The used element is copper, which converts cold water into hot water fast.


The brand provided three types of warranty. The first one is on tank of 7 years, 3 years on heating element and 2 years on the product.

  • Long time warranty on tank

  • Light weight

  • Used material is very durable


4. Racold Pronto Neo Vertical Water Heater

best geyser brand in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight4 Kg
Power3000 Watts
Capacity6 liters
Warranty2 Years, 2 Years & 5 Years


This water heater belongs to the recold brand and it has been already told you that Racold is very popular, trusted and best geyser brand in India in the case of water heaters.

In this, you can heat water instanlty without any hassle. As a result, the water heater reduces the bathing time. So, if you are searching the best geysers in India, you can go for Racold.

1. Design, Material & Heating Element

Most of the water heaters of Racold are in exactly the same design and their designs are really very attractive.

This water heater looks fascinating and is also perfect in performance. Actually, it is inspired by italian style. In this one, there are all needs related to technology and style both. The entire body is contained in a single color.

The high density and thick PUF in this water heater keep the heat inside safe, so that once the water is heated, the water will remain warm for certain duration and you will get another advantage that your power consumption will also be reduced.

The water heater consists of high power heating element that allows you to provide hot water without taking time.


You get different warranties on different parts like 2 years on product, 2 years on heating element and 5 years on tank.

  • Very efficient heating element

  • Adorable design

  • Very light in weight


5. AO Smith 25 Liters Water Heater

Best geysers in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
BrandAO Smith
Weight13 Kg
Power2000 Watts
Capacity25 Liters
Warranty7 Years, 2 Years & 2 Years


1. Design, Storage & Material

If you like the best water heater in india with high capacity as well as want a pretty look, then I would recommend this AO Smith water heater after Recold. Its design is very beautiful. The front face is wide enough and you will like its unique structure at once.

The low, medium and high written around the knob, so that you are free to adjust temperature of the water.

The water heater is designed keeping the whole body strong from back to front. Blue diamond technology has been used in it, which increases the time of corrosion.

2. Size

The dimensions are 44.4, 44.4 and 38.3 cm and It is all about length, width and height. In other words, you can understand it as 444 mm, 444 mm and 383 mm. It looks very compact in size and easily can be stored over the wall.

Other features

  • Long lasting anode rod
  • Easy temperature control
  • Thermal cutout and safety valve
  • 8 Bars pressure


The brand provides you a huge warranty that is 7 years on inner tank, 2 years on heating element and 2 years on the complete product.

  • Attractive and very shiny design

  • Higher capacity

  • Used material is very long lasting

  • a little bit heavy

6. V Guard Water Heater ( 15 Liters Capacity )

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
BrandV Guard
Weight10.1 Kg
Capacity15 Liters
Warranty2 Years, 3 Years & 5 Years


1. Design, Size & Quality

V guard is about 40 years old brand. I took it in my list because of its quality. After consideration, I got it in a positive way and even one of the best geysers in India.

The geyser is made in the shape of a teetotum by V Guard. There is a rotating knob on the conical part below as well as red and green indicator, which represent different things.

Its size cannot be said compact, but it has definitely been made in the direction of length. The water heater has a bit design on the outer surface and a logo of V guard too.

Talking about quality, I would say that the inside and outside parts have been made using quality material. Its inner tank has been built with thick steel and also glass lined anti corrosion coating to protect it from rust, which makes it durable for longer days.

Other features

  • Free inlet and outlet pipes
  • High energy efficiency
  • Four layered safety system
  • Full of technology


You get 2 years warranty on overall product, 3 years on heating element and 5 years on inner tank.

  • No cost of installation process

  • Free of cost inlet and outlet pipe given

  • Simple and shiny look


7. Racold Water Heater ( Vertical Metallic Blue )

Best geyser in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight9.18 Kg
Power2000 Watts
ColorWhite & Metallic Blue
Warranty2 Years, 3 Years & 7 Years


1. Design

I love the look of this Racold water heater in comparison to above one that I mentioned of same brand, because blue color is inherent in this racold’s design to look absolutely attractive.

This water heater from Racold is made of using two colors. One is white, which is used on both sides and one is blue, which is used in the center vertically and additionally the Racold brand name is written in red color on the top side.

This water heater is designed vertically. At the bottom controling knob, which is made of good quality material.

By the way, there is no need to explain more about Racold, because it is very reliable and makes very durable product as well.

2. Capacity & Material

It has a capacity of 15 liters. According to me, the right capacity has been given at this price, which is sufficient and two to three people can easily enjoy at a time.

Now, if you come to the material, the heating element inside has been made using titanium metal, which is powerful and consumes low energy along with long lasting.

The polymer coating technology inside protects the inner tank from rusting.

Other features

  • Smart guard
  • Water mixing smartly
  • High pressure resistance
  • Smart bath logic


The brand has given 2 years warranty on overall product, 3 years on heating element and 7 years on tank as well.

So, I really loved its design and as you know, no doubt on its quality. You can go with this one of the best geysers in India.

  • Enough capacity

  • Comprehensive warranty on tank

  • Lots of technologies


8. Havells 15 Liters Storage Water Heater

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight14.1 Kg
Capacity15 Liters
Power2000 Watts
Warranty2 Years & 5 Years


1. Design, Material & Temperature

Seriously, the water heater is built with lovely color, which is Ivory. Ivory is a color which seems in tusks of animals and teeth. Along with the attractive color, there is also beautiful design, which I liked most at a glance.

It has a controling panel at the bottom, that can also be said ‘ knob ‘ and two red and green lights.

The knob is very easy to use and adjustable up to 25 to 75 degree C, an option to inlet pipe at the bottom layer is also available. You also get to enjoy the best shock safe plug in it.

As I focus on the internal content, I find it perfect from the point of view of purchasing. In other words, I find it very good and better in quality, made with thick steel.


You get 5 years on inner part and 2 years on overall warranty.

  • Very good looking

  • Maximum capacity

  • A little bit weighty

9. AO Smith 15 L Storage Water Heater

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
BrandAO Smith
Weight11.6 Kg
Capacity15 Liters
Power2000 Watts
Warranty7 Years, 4 Years & 2 Years


1. Design & Power

First of all, let me tell you that you can buy this water heater in two capacity, but I am going to tell you about the water heater of 15 liters’ capacity.

As you can see in the image, it has been designed very slim and compact. This has the capacity to store 15 liters of water in the shape of a cylinder. A system for connecting pipes exists on its circumference.

It is very easy to set it. The power of the water is 2000 watts.

2. Glass Lined Tank & Glass Coated Heating Element

For making inner part long lasting, heater consists of blue diamond glass lined tank. It makes free from corrosion.

Whenever sediment starts to form around the heating element, there is a fear of premature breakdown of the heater, hence glass coating is done around the element to avoid sediment formation.

This thing helps the heater to maintain longevity.

Other features

  • 8 bar high pressure
  • Knobs to control temperature


There are three types of warranty, 7 years on inner tank, 4 years on heating element & 2 years on complete product.

  • Very compact

  • Good looking

  • A long time warranty on inner tank

  • A little bit weighty

Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

So friends, I hope that you will like one the best water geyser in India that will fulfill your needs. Friends, I have tested them well and presented to you. I have always tried my best to recommend you only the best things.

Here, all are the best geysers in India and best geysers company in India too.

I think so, if you really believe on this site, then my only purpose is that your trust should always be maintained.

Although everyone doesn’t have the same thoughts, but definitely some people would found valuable water heaters here and also will like them.

And yes, if it comes to your mind that there should be a recommendation in all of these eight water heaters too, definitely you can go with ones and these are 1 ( Racold ), 4 ( Racold ), 5 ( AO Smith ), 8 ( Havells ). You can freely choose one of these four best geysers in India.

Important Note –

If you have thought of buying the best geyser under 10,000 rupees, this article can prove to be the best for you as a buying aspect. At last, you will be able to find one of the best geysers in India.

So, be careful and avoid these types of deceptions.

If you are searching for the for well tested and best geyser in India, do follow this genuine review about the best geysers. Here, step by step things have been described that will help you to understand which is the best geyser to buy ?

Now, you are free to choose for you the best geyser under 10,000 in India.

Thank you.

FAQs on best geysers in India –

1. Which brand water heater is best in India ?

When you search for the best brands of water heaters, then you get a lot of brands in recommendation.

But, in my opinion, if you really decided to buy a geyser for yourself, then I will suggest you to go for Racold, AO Smith or Havells. These all are the best brands for water heaters.

2. Which water heater is best storage or instant ?

Both kinds of water heaters are the best at their own levels. But, I think storage water heaters are slightly better than instant.

They actually save electricity bill and even take 15 to 20 minutes, a large capacity of water is heated.

3. Which are the best water heaters ?

This question will definitely go away after reading the article. I explained almost eight the best water heaters in India. Now, it depends on you, which do you like the most ?

If you don’t want to create confusions, go with my recommendation. I promise, after buying one of these you will be totally satisfied.

4. How long does a water heater geyser last ?

In fact, if you leave anything with no caring, it lasts in some years, but if you do proper caring, I will say that it takes much time to be useless.

So, even in case of water heaters you have to make sure you are doing proper caring or not.

If you care the water geysers, it will last almost 12 to 15 years otherwise good water geysers last in 9 or 10 years without no caring.

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