Best Home Theatre Systems In India ( 2021 ) – Buyer’s Guide

For your home, If you wanna buy one of the best home theatre systems in India, this is the right place to find out which is the best home theatre system for you.

Best Home Theatre Systems In India –

Sometimes ago, there was no more importance of the home theaters and people didn’t like to listen the sound with high volume.

Therefore, they only liked to listen radios only in low voice. But, as the time passed, people changed the way of listening music and today they like to listen music with full base and even full volume.

Now a days, if people do any small function at their homes, they suddenly call to the sound system holders and say them to bring it at home.

In other words, you book a sound system from outside, then it becomes a little expensive for you.

In fact, i will always recommend you to buy one of the best music systems for home if there are so many functions happening at your home.

So, I will suggest you that if functions are being continuously then you must buy a home theater system which will always be useful for next time party or function.

Because, for getting more enjoyment, you always need the best sound system or best home theatre system in India.

Now, whenever you set in your mind to buy a home theater system then the biggest problem is that ” what type of home theater system should be purchased or which would be the best for you ? “.

Because, there are multiple companies available in the market so definitely you should know exactly which home theater will be the best for you otherwise you could be deceived.

That’s why, I just want that if you are spending money to buy anything then you should get right thing.

What Should You Look for Before Buying A Home Theater System ?

By the way, there are so many types of home theater systems in design and quality as well.

But, in my opinion before buying the best home theatre systems in India you should keep in your mind the weight, design, connectivity, output power and much more things of the system which can make your listening experience superb.

According to your needs, you should choose a home theater system whether it is 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1.

So let’s start about the best home theater systems in India because i have gathered some of the best home sound systems in India which are really better to experience virtual cinema at your own home.

1. Sony 2.1ch Dolby Digital Wireless Home Theater System

Weight2.3 Kg
Audio Wattage300 W
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Warranty1 Year


If you decided to set up your home cinema with a quality sound system, this Sony CT290 is the best home theatre in India for enjoying a complete whole cinema experience at your home.

1. Output Power

Fortunately, in this price you get a broad sound quality at the time of using this home theater system.

The home theater system comes with 300 watts output power that makes your room where the system is put completely fine with its sound.

2. Subwoofer

Subwoofer is entirely wireless. It means there is no need of hiding all extra wires which are used to set up a sound system. The main thing is its design.

The design is very compatible for putting it vertically or horizontally as you want and pretty simple throughout the whole body.

3. Connectivity

The soundbar and subwoofer both are looking individually pretty, the connectivity is also similar.

It consists of wireless Bluetooth technology to experience wire free sound from your smartphone when you use it practically.

The system also includes a USB section. It means to say that you can enjoy your USB content too and using its HDMI ARC port, easily connect your TV with a single HDMI cable.

finally, I would say the best home theater in India under 20000 rupees.


Company provides 1 year warranty on the product.

  • Superb sound quality with 300 watts output power

  • Attractive design


2. Logitech Z906 Surround Home Theater System

Audio Wattage500 Watts
Speaker ConnectivityWired ( TV, Gaming Console, Computer, Headphone )
Warranty2 Years On Hardware


I got a new one the best music system for home in India related to the brand Logitech.

As I told in my previous articles it doesn’t matter the brand of the product. Only the product should be compatible in quality and features. If it meets to your desires and have a better quality, you should take it without any hesitation.

Definitely, it is able to compete to other famous brands because of its quality and features. It is a highly recommendable product.

1. Sound Quality

THX certified sound quality is a assurance of high quality sound experience. It also includes peak power quality that refers to the maximum power supply for a short time and having the value of 1000 watts.

2. Connectivity

There are many inputs to connect plenty of audio sources like TV, Computer and even gaming console and others.

It has also a port to insert your headphone listening the private sounds. Overall, it comprises 6 audio inputs that means much more connectivity.

There is a handy wireless remote to control the home theatre’s volume and other things, so according to me, go for it if you are interested to buy the best music system in India.


The brand provides 2 years warranty on hardware.

  • The theatre is able to connect multiple things

  • 2 years warranty that’s good


3. Sony 5.1ch Digital Home Theater System

Weight14 Kg
Speaker ConnectivityWireless Bluetooth
Warranty1 Year


Although, the price of this home theater system is around 21000 rupees but literally best music system in India for home of the Sony brand.

1. Sound Quality

This is a digital DVD home theater system. It comes with a DVD player and 5 tiny sound speakers that is also called 5.1ch sound system and designed very well and stylish. The sound quality is pretty awesome.

It means having awesome sound quality and spreads its sound equally to every corner of the room.

2. Connectivity

It supports wireless bluetooth and let’s you to permit for enjoying your favourite tracks after connecting your smartphone with it.

At the same time, here is also great thing about it if you are interested to sing songs on karaoke, it will prove to be the best music system for home because it also permits to sing songs on karaoke.

Other features

  • BRAVIA Sync
  • HDMI Output
  • It also supports USB to enjoy your playlist


The brand provides you 1 year warranty from the purchased date.

  • Sound reaches everywhere in the room

  • You can sing with karaoke


4. Samsung 5.1ch Home Theater System

Audio Wattage1000 Watts
Weight9.4 Kg
WarrantyNot mentioned


It is also a very excellent home theater system under 20,000 rupees. You can also use it like a good home theater system.

In this home theater system, you get all the features that make you buy it.

1. Powerful Base

Powerful base refers to the high sound quality. This system ensures a powerful bass when you run it.

It is one of the best home theatre systems for those people who basically like to hear sound with more base. So, there is no worry here is one that is able to produce enough base and gives an extra boost to the sound quality.

2. Sound Balancing

This is very good feature that allows you to convert the taste of Sound.

It can help you to set different frequencies according to your needs and the equilizer settings accessible on screen of your TV when you connect this sound system to TV.

3. Surround Sound Instantly

In one click you get surround sound system. Enjoy your favourite movies or videos with instantly surround sound after pressing a button on remote control, which is also called hotkey button.

Other Features

  • FM Tuner
  • Key Controling
  • Free to sing with karaoke
  • Supports ARC
  • Quick Start Mode


Not mentioned but you can ask a query on Amazon.

  • It delivers a high base

  • Able to enhance surround sounds instantly

  • Equalizer Balancing Feature


5. Sony 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theater System

Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Audio Wattage600 Watts
Warranty1 Year


I have already told you about some of the best home theater speakers in India of Sony company and again going to tell about another Sony’s best sound system which comes with quality surround soundbar.

Actually, normal sound system don’t give you a real experience of the cinema at your home but if you use a sound system with a surround soundbar, you feel a real sound experience.

1. Output Power

By the way, It has been discussed about some of the home theater systems which keep the output power of 1000 watts but this home theater system doesn’t have so much output power.

In fact, whenever you set it with your TV, you get a better experience of audio quality due to its surround soundbar. 600 Watts output power makes the system superb.

2. Connectivity

It contains amazing wireless features like NFC and even you are free to enjoy music or sound using USB. The system’s sound can also be heard with the help of pen drives.

What is NFC ?

NFC ( Near Field Communication ) is smart technology that permits to connect devices to each other wirelessly. Only you have take your smartphone near the sound system and automatically it connects.

There are other more features available in this sound system that make it a perfect and the best sound system in India.


1 year support on the sound system.

  • Smart technology NFC

  • Enough output power


6. F&D Portable Bluetooth Multimedia Sound System

Weight6.8 Kg
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Warranty1 year


This multimedia sound speaker is one of the top home theatre systems in India and other one thing is that it is not too expensive.

You get it under 10,000 rupees only. So according to me, you can’t get any other best sound system in this price.

1. Design

As soon as your eyes fall on this system, You will definitely like this at a glance because of its attractive design. The body includes matte finishing that makes it free from fingerprint and also gives it a classy look.

2. Bass

Its bass is so good that whenever you use it you will feel a heavy bass and tremendous experience.

3. Special App & Color

There is a special app that is very suitable for you. Using this app, you can easily control your sound system’s features like FM radio, LED light, Bluetooth connection and music too. Enjoying the sound you can change its LED lights having multiple colors.

Other features

  • It supports 4.2 version Bluetooth
  • USB music
  • Subwoofer frequency 25 Hz to 85 hz

There are many more features you can see. Just read the product description and features before buying it hence if you are searching for the best budget home theater system in India, without any tension you can buy it.


The company ensures 1 year warranty on the product.

  • Sound is produced with clarity

  • Many features


7. Sony 5.1ch dolby DTH Home Theater System

Weight11.8 Kg
Audio Wattage1024 Watts
Warranty1 Year


Again here is home theater system of Sony brand consisting much more features. In other words, it can be said that this is a top home theater system in India in all.

1. Design & Size

The design looks pretty and classy too. It attracts the people to buy it soon and if we pay attention to its size, that is very compact and occupies a little space to be fit.

2. Output Power

The sound’s high output power converts your home into a personal theatre. The 5.1ch creates a powerful sound for enjoying a home cinema at your own home.

3. Connectivity

In the case of connectivity, this is a very good sound system and you get all kinds of connectivities.

Play your music or playlist using its features NFC and bluetooth. You can enjoy your tracks after connecting your phone with home theater using its wireless connections and even you can control on music after pairing.

Easily you can connect DTH with your TV for increasing viewing experience. It is very easy to plug in with a single HDMI cable and also able to connect blue ray player.

Other features

  • Playability in multi formets
  • Football mode
  • Screen mirroring
  • Clear audio+ technology


You get 1 year warranty on the system.

  • A lot of features

  • Attractive design with effective sound quality


Opinion –

So guys, finally I hope that you will be completely satisfied with the article if you are searching the best home theater systems for your own home.

Because, I have discussed all the features of the home theaters step by step which are really important to know for you and tried to give you a better article about the best home theater systems.

If you have read this article carefully, by now you will have chosen a good home theater system for yourself.

One thing you have to keep in your mind that no doubt you have read here carefully but at the same time before buying the best home theatre systems you should also read a little more on the amazon about the product.

Sometimes, due to a fault it may not be mentioned you about some common features here.

So, you must be careful about this and I hope that through this article you will be able to choose the best home theater system for your home.

finally I only have to say that all these are the best home theatre systems and you can choose any one of them because after a deep research I found these the best home theatre systems for you.

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