Best Mattress In India Under Budget ( 2021 ) – A Genuine Guide

If you’re exhausted to find out the best mattress in India, I’m promising you that after reading this article you’ll be completely satisfied.

Even you’ll find one as the best mattress in India.

Best Mattress In India –

Today, I’m writing an article about the best mattresses in India focusing on all important things which should be checked by anyone before buying the mattress.

Firstly, it’s very important to know about some of the factors related to mattresses like weight, firmness, material and many more.

By chance, if you don’t consider these important factors before buying mattresses, I think you can’t pick up a perfect choice for you.

So, first question should be in your mind what types of mattresses are in the market ?

Basically, there’re three types of mattresses in the market, which are about soft, medium and firm.

Soft mattresses are all about light mattresses. It means, these types of mattresses are very light along with soft.

Medium mattresses ( average weight ) have both the qualities. It means, they incorporate softness and firmness equally. Neither you can call them totally soft nor firm.

The last one is hard mattresses. These types of mattresses are very firm and even consist of heavy weight.

Now, it totally depends on you which type of mattress you prefer a lot.

Going ahead, now we’ll discuss about the best mattress in India.

Well, here are some of the best mattresses I have taken in my list, but it doesn’t mean that every mattress can fulfill your needs, so please before buying any of these, give priority to your requirements and then buy.

Ultimately, without spending your valuable time, we directly come to the point and dive into the article about the best mattress in India.

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Weight12 Kg
Mattress MaterialMemory Foam
Sleep Trial100 Days
Warranty20 Years


1. Size, Smart Spaces & Differential Pressure zone layer –

If you love to have a good looking mattress in lowest weight, it may be the best mattress for sleeping in India.

The mattress is available in lots of sizes, it only depends on you what size you prefer.

The dimension of the mattress is 72×36×5 inches. In other words, the length, width & thickness are 72 inches, 36 inches & 5 inches respectively.

The most important thing in this mattress is the quality of having smart spaces.

It means, the smart spaces in the differential pressure zone allow the air circulation to pass through the whole body so that you can sleep in cool comfort.

Additionally, differential pressure zone layers give comfortability in sleeping and make your spine straight and as a result there is no problem of back pain.

2. Color, Material & Foam

It’s stylish as well as attractive and made in white color.

The primary material is polyurethane and built with memory foam with the latest technology.

Other Features

  • Mattress comfort is soft
  • Breathable fabric
  • High Resilient foam
  • Removable zippered external cover for easy wash


The provided warranty is 20 years that is really huge time of period.

  • Very comfortable

  • Long time warranty

  • Good looking & very light weight


2. Springtek Day Dreamer 4 Inches King Size Mattress

Weight19 Kg
Warranty2 years


1. Size, Usable Side & Shape

This is one of the best mattress brands In India and when I really checked, it was extremely fine in quality and usage.

The people who love large sizes of mattresses, it’s perfect for them.

Well, this also has other more sizes, it means you can pick up any of those, which suit the most to your bed.

If we talk about its size, which is being explained here, it’s 72×72×4 inches in length, width & height respectively.

The mattress can only be used on one side not both the sides and the shape of the particular mattress is square.

2. Natural rubberised Coir, Fabric & Comfort Layer

Actually, I saw a lot of mattresses, which are very firm thereby back pain is caused, but here in this mattress you get natural rubberised coir that maintains your body posture correctly.

Moreover, Premium jacquard fabric provides a premium feel and the best thing is that this mattress maintains the temperature between your body and its surface, so that you don’t have any problem.

Also there is such a layer that increases the comfort zone of the mattress and at the same time it makes any person feel comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Other features

  • HD bonded foam
  • Triple foam quilt
  • 4 inches mattress thickness
  • Mattress comfort is medium firm


you get two year warranty on the mattress.

  • Enough thickness & layers

  • Light weight

  • Large size

  • Less warranty time

3. Wakefit Dual Comfort Queen Mattress

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight12 Kg
Warranty3 & 7 Years


1. Dimensions, Mattress Feel & Usability

Firstly, make sure you’re not confused because it looks exactly the same as the first one I explained, but in reality it’s slightly different.

First of all, if we talk about its dimensions, it is 78 inches, 60 inches and 6 inches in length, width and height respectively.

Whenever you use this bed mattress, you get two types of experience. The first one is as if it’s a medium soft mattress and on the other hand sometimes it looks like it’s a bit stiff and this is because of its design.

Actually, on its sides it gives a feel of medium soft and a little hard in the remaining space.

The best thing is that it’s usable on both the sides. It means, grey color surface is suitable for those who love firm surface and on the other hand white surface is for those who love soft support.

Overall, wakefit provides an enhanced level mattress.

2. Fabric, Cover & its quality

Fabric is totally breathable so that you can sleep better, but cover is removable and its material is premium polyester using soft and high resilient foam. Overall, the quality is fine.

Other features

  • Innovative sleep solution
  • Very good customer support
  • For winter season it’s like boon.


You get two types of warranty, the first one is manufacturer warranty of 3 years and the other is 7 years on complete product.

  • Quality material

  • Elegant finishing

  • A little bit weighty

  • Not too big

4. Amazon Brand Solimo Orthopedic Memory Mattress –

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BrandAmazon Brand
Weight25.3 Kg
Warranty10 Years


1. Dimensions, Firmness, Spine Support System –

Yes, this is the largest and best foam mattress in India. It can cover a large area. Its dimensions are 78″, 72″ & 6″ in length, breadth & thickness respectively.

Now, we talk about the most important thing of this mattress that is firmness. Actually, this is the mattress which has medium firmness.

2. Quality, Durability & Cover –

Whenever we buy any mattress, the first thing comes to our mind that is quality. If quality is better, we buy it without any hesitation.

Particularly, for this mattress I’ll say that it passed more than 50+ tests after that it has been built, which ensures definitely quality & durability.

In addition, For smooth finishing it consists of knitted covers into it.

Other features –

  • Pressure relieving matters
  • Superb spine support
  • Anti-skid fabric at the bottom to move the mattress on the bed easily

Warranty –

finally, if we talk about the warranty of the product, I will say that it’s enough and that is about 10 years.

  • Large size

  • Catchy color

  • A little bit weighty

5. Duroflex Livein King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Weight22 Kg
ColorWhite & Grey
Warranty10 Years


1. Dimension, Size, Material & Firmness –

If we talk about this one, I will say that just garb it. Its size is pretty well so it can be called a king sized mattress. The dimension of the mattress is 190 cm ( length ) × 182 cm ( width ) × 15.2 cm ( height ) or at the same time you can say that the thickness is 6 inches, which is perfect.

The most important thing of any mattress is material, if good material is used then the overall mattress gives comfortability and even it makes you feel superior.

So, now we focus on the material of the mattress, It is a memory foam mattress, which is durable and long lasting. Aditinally, it ensures adjustable support to mould your body.

Well, I discussed earlier some such mattresses which were soft in firmness, but here this one consists medium firmness that is not about very flexible but in comparison to hard mattresses it is fine.

2. Color, Fabric & Layers –

The mattress has been finished with grey and white color to give a adorable look. The combination of colors make the mattress discrete.

The used fabric on the foam is completely triple anti microbial, it means that if you use this mattress your body will be safe from bacteria, fungi and even dust mites.

Apart from this, it is built with multiple of resilient and responsible layers to maintain the balance between the mattress and the body.

Other features –

  • Roll pack mattress
  • It can easily fit
  • Pressure relieving foam

Warranty –

The company provided 10 years of warranty that is enough.

  • King size

  • Multiple of layers

  • Attractive color


6. Sleepyhead Original Orthopedic Memory Foam –

Weight32 Kg
Warranty10 Years


1. Firmness, Bounce & Density –

If you are looking for a orthopedic mattress, this is the best orthopedic mattress in India.

However, the firmness is medium of this mattress, but fully supportive for all types of bodies. It means that there is right amount of firmness in the mattress without losing softness.

Moreover, bounce rate is effective as well as density of the layers is high enough as you desire to have.

There are three substantial memory foam layers, but you cannot anticipate high density due to compressed in a box.

2. Thickness, Cover & Layers –

In comparison to others, the thickness of this mattress is very good and that is 8 inches. Apart from this, the company provides a washable outer cover to make the mattress neat and clean and the cover is completely dust free.

For your confirmation, I want to inform you that the mattress incorporates totally four layers, which are respectively breathable fabric, comfort foam, responsive foam & the last one is support foam.

This combination of layers makes the mattress very compatible to use.

Other features –

  • It consists a zipped cover
  • The mattress can easily withstand a small amount of spillage, but not with large amount
  • Memory foam ( 1.5 inches ), comfort foam ( 1 inches ) & support foam ( 3.5 inches )
  • The shape of the mattress is square
  • Dimension is 72″, 72″, 8″ in length, width & height

Warranty –

There is long time warranty of 10 years.

  • Good warranty period

  • King size with enough thickness


7. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress –

Color24.5 Kg
Warranty3 Years


1. Dimension, fabric & Firmness –

Actually, this is not very famous brand in mattresses, but this one is very qualitative and the best mattress in India.

Well, I already discussed some king sized mattresses, but the price of 5 & 6 number is a bit high in comparison to this one.

This mattress can be a perfect match for you in quality as well as price. The dimension of the mattress is 78″, 72″, 5″, which is pretty well in this price.

For better sleeping, there has been used air mesh fabric, which ensures strong breathability.

In addition, the mattress comprises two types of firmness “medium hard & medium soft” both. It means, if you love to have both types of firmness in the same mattress, this mattress may be very useful for you.

In winter, you can use its hard portion & in summer you can use its soft portion.

2. Layers & Soft PU Foam –

If we focus on the layers, there are totally four layers which are respectively softtech quiltech foam, just below this high resilient medium soft foam, after that high density hard foam and then softtech quiltech foam.

Soft PU Foam ensures desired comfort for your body.

Other features –

  • Innovative & advanced sleep technology
  • Premium material
  • Rectangular shape

Warranty –

The provided warranty is 3 years on the product.

  • Large size

  • Attractive color and full of technologies


8. Amore International Medico Spring Mattress –

Thickness8 Inches
WarrantyAsk To Seller


Design, Dimension & Firmness –

Firstly, we talk about the design. When my glimpses fell on the mattress, I was very happy because I felt that it’s elegant and even very comfortable for those people who love to sleep on spongy type bed.

Overall, this mattress can be prove to be very convenience for those who have medical issues for back pain or something else related to it.

It is prepared in multiple layers using springs.

The dimension of the mattress is 72″, 48″, 8″. In my opinion, Width is a bit low in this price range, but for one person it’s much better.

Moreover, it is mentioned in the details that it is a firm mattress, but due to used springs in crafting it, you don’t feel any type of firmness.

It easily takes shapes as your body.

2. Knitted Fabric, Bonnell Springs & Layers –

There is knitted fabric on the complete mattress, which gives glossy look.

In addition, as I told you this is a spring mattress and Bonnell springs are used in this, which are very sturdy and flexible too.

Finally, we focus on the layers.

Since, this is crafted paying attention to back pain, so it has multiple layers and these are such as heavy GSM knitted fabric, breathable soft foam, breathable comfort foam, H.R support foam, Turkish felt, Bonnell spring, Turkish felt, breathable soft foam, Anti-skid fabric.

Other features –

  • Premium knitted fabric
  • Euro top design
  • Superior H.R. foam
  • More supportive and functional.

Warranty –

For warranty period, you can ask to the seller.

  • Quality material

  • Thickness is superb

  • Very shiny look


Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

Eventually, I hope that the article will help you to find out the best mattress in India.

Well, I have taken all the best mattresses in the list, now, It’s your chance to select one as the best mattress, which suits you the most.

However, the price may be differ due to different shapes, color & quality, but I am suggesting you to buy after inspecting all the important things deeply.

If you are unable to find out the best mattress and want my recommendation, of course I’ll suggest you to buy one of them ( 5. Duroflex Livein King Size Memory Foam Mattress, 6. Sleepyhead Original Orthopedic Memory Foam, 8. Amore International Medico Spring Mattress ).

I promise that It will value for money.

Thank you.

FAQs on the best mattress in India –

1. Which type of mattress is good for sleeping in India ?

Well, here I will suggest you my genuine perspective that is if you have back issues, go with medico or orthopedic type mattresses, but if you want only comfortability, go with normal.

And for getting both types of mattresses easily, you can read this complete article.

2. Which is better Duroflex or Kurlon ?

In fact, I will suggest you to go with Duroflex. For your king information, It’s very popular brand in mattresses so I can’t put you in difficulty by wasting your valuable money.

So, go with Duroflex.

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