Best Projector In India Under 15000 Rupees ( 2021 )

If You have thought of buying the best projector in India, briefly I discussed all types of the best projectors for home cinema step by step. You are free to buy as per your needs.

Best Projector In India –

Today, the projectors have been very useful for us. Actually, the exact meaning of the peojectors comes to you when you use it yourself.

When I was in school, the projectors were not so prevalent and even not used in my school.

You must know that most of today’s private or government schools are using projectors, so that the children can understand things well.

At the same time, we are also using these projectors at our own homes besides the schools, because much more people are experiencing the real cinema at their homes using one of all the best projectors for home.

Types Of Projectors –

Now, if you’ve finally thought of buying a projector, then the problem is what type of projector you should buy or how to buy a good projector in the budget, so many things start coming to your mind.

If you go to shopkeepers for buying purpose of a projector, they will show you many types of projectors, but you will be able to choose a right projector for yourself only when you have a little bit knowledge about the projectors.

So let me tell you a little about how many types of projectors are or what type of projector you should buy, because for better viewing experience you should have the best projector for home in India.

In a proper way, the most used projectors are four types and easily available at the offline and online stores.

  • DLP Projectors
  • LCD Projectors
  • LED Projectors
  • 3D Projectors

One of these all types projectors, you can buy. For more information about these types of projectors, you can search on Google for a deep knowledge about all types of projectors.

Keep In Mind Before Buying A Projector –

Before buying a projector, you should keep in mind these all the things mentioned below.

Suppose that, you are going to buy a projector, then what things you should keep in mind.

First of all, before buying any projector you should make sure that the projector you are going to buy is worthy or not according to projection size. Please make sure it should be an average size of projection.

You should also check other factors of a projector like Throw Distance, Audio, 3D Technology, Resolution, Connectivity, Brightness & Contrast.

All these things should be taken into consideration before purchasing any projector.

Because, if you buy any projector in a hurry, then maybe you can’t get the one you are expecting, so always keep in mind that before buying anything, if you carefully inspect, then maybe you can buy something better for you.

So here is a review of the best projectors for home theater in India about which I have discussed everything step by step.

So let’s start

1. XElectron HD LED Home Theater Projector

best projector in India
Contrast Ratio2000:1
Screen Projection150 Inches
Warranty1 Year


Xelectron is an Indian company. It provides us multiple different ranges of Projectors. Here is one of the best projectors home theater for you.

1. Brightness & Lamp Life

The projector comes with 3200 lumens that means it produces a great brightness from the projector on the screen.

If you don’t know about lumens, you should keep in your mind lumens value refer to the brightness power of a projector.

If we talk about the lamp life, this is 30,000 hours that’s great.

2. Image Quality & Resolution

When this projector is used in the dark, you know the quality of its image more closely. In the dark, you see the picture quality of this projector very well.

The projector’s native resolution is 1280 × 800p and also supports upto 1920 × 1080 pixels.

3. Projection Distance & Connectivity

The projection distance is adjustable from 1.5 to 4.5 meters. It means you can adjust the projector 1.5 meters to 4.5 meters from the screen.

It consists of 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Audio-input, Audio-output, Video jack, and even it supports VGA/AV port.

Other features

  • Multiple keys on top ( menu key, source key, power key, return key, ok key & direction key )
  • Front face speaker
  • IR receiver & high feet adjustment
  • Multi-screen/miracast projector
  • Keystone adjustment


You get one year warranty on the product.

  • Enough Ports

  • 3D Supportable

  • You Get A Long Adjustable Distance

  • Higher Lumens

  • Bluetooth And Wifi Not Supported

2. BOSS HD LED Home Theater Projector

hd projector for home
Contrast Ratio1800:1
Projection Size30 To 120 Inches
Weight0.9 Kg
Projection Distance1.1 to 3.5 Meters
Warranty1 Year


1. Usage & Picture Quality

Overall, This is the best hd projector for home cinema or home theater. Once you get it, you feel like a pro.

With the help of this projector, you can easily enjoy videos, photos as well as games at your own home along with the big screen.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that it is better from the aspect of gaming too. It means, also use it as a projector for gaming.

The image quality of this projector is very tremendous though its lumen number ( 1800 ) is not very high but still it gives a different look to the quality of the pictures due to its resolution.

This means, you find a great picture quality as well as it supports 1080p video too.

2. 3D Support & Long Life

The best thing about this projector is that you can easily enjoy 3D videos too. You also get a 3D glass with it that helps you to watch 3D movies or pictures well.

The life of this projector is also good because its running LED lamp lasts around 60000 hours which is equivalent to 6.5 Years. In this you don’t have any kind of UVR problem.

It’s absolutely free from ultraviolet rays so it may be the best budget projector in India.

Other features

  • Native resolution is 800 × 600p
  • 36 watts of power consumption
  • Keystone adjustment
  • Light weight & small sized
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Suitable for computer, SD card, laptop, mobile etc
  • Remote controlled
  • Realistic 3D experience


1 year on product.

  • Long Life LED Lamp

  • No Ultraviolet Rays

  • It Supports 3D Videos


3. Play Full HD LED Projector

projector for home cinema
LED Contrast Ratio3000:1
Picture Size35 To 120 Inches
TypeFull HD LED
Warranty1 Year


1. Useful For

You can use this Play Full HD LED Projector at any place whether it is a school, office or home.

It is the best projector for you as well as it can entertain you by watching movies, pictures, videos or whatever you want. This is a good projector for home cinema.

2. Portability, Brightness & Lamp Life

In terms of portability and zooming, you get many types of ports ( 3.5mm jack, AV, USB, VGA, HDMI ) and even a remote by which you can control it.

The brightness is 2700 lumens that refer to an awesome brightness. Its lamp life is 50,000 hours.

Other features

  • You get more powerful visual enjoyment
  • Native resolution is 800 × 480p
  • Built-in stereo speakers in stereo sound
  • Projector screen size is 33″ to 170″
  • Projector distance is 1.2 to 4.16m
  • Advance cooling system
  • Included components ( power cable, Av cable & 3D glasses )


The provided warranty on the product is 1 year.

  • Full HD & LED Lamp

  • Suitable For Gaming

  • It Is Slightly Wider In Width

4. Myra LED Home Theater Projector

best led projector in india
Lamp Life20000 Hours
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Projection Screen Size37 to 130 Inches
PortsHDMI, SD, 3.5mm jack, AV, VGA & USB
Warranty1 Year


This projector is not too expensive and this doesn’t have much features like above but best led projector in India.

The projector can be used only for home purpose. Because, it is not designed for office or school purposes.

1. 3D Support & Ports

It can be used very well like a home theater. In this you get red & blue 3D glasses support to enjoy 3D movies or videos.

Remember, the most important thing is that in this you can only use pendrives. If you are guessing that hard disks can be used then my answer will be “No”. You can’t use hard disks. Additionally, you get HDMI, SD, 3.5mm jack, AV, VGA & USB & TV ports.

2. Brightness & Resolution

The brightness power ( 1800 lumens ) is very good according to its price and if you pay a little attention to the resolution, it also fits for home purpose. The projector’s native resolution is 800 × 600p, but it can suppore up to 1080p.

Other features

  • Projection distance is upto 1.2 to 3.8 meters
  • It supports almost all the audio, video & picture formats
  • Backside keystone adjustment


1 year on product.

  • 3D Supportable

  • Cheap In Price

  • Not Suitable For Presentation Or Office Purposes

5. Ooze Punnkk P1 Mini LED And DLP HD Home Theatre Projector

best projector for home theatre in India
PortsHDMI, USB 2.0, 3.5 mm Earphone Jack, Charging Port
Brightness1000 Lumens
3D SupportYes
Warranty2 Years


I am considering it one of the best projectors at all. It includes more features so it can prove to be the best projector for home theatre in India.

1. Gaming & DLP Display Technology

This projector is very advanced from the perspective of gaming. Just connect your PS4 X-Box or laptop and enjoy gaming.

DLP Technology ensures greater brightness, contrast ratio and a vivid image in comparison to LCD projectors.

2. ANSI Lumens & Components

Even the worth of this projector is a little above from 15,000 rupees but you get lots of features in it.

Slightly let me clear you about ANSI lumen, for a small room it should have a value of 200 to 300 and for a big room it’s value is 400 to 600. But, in this projector you get 100 ANSI lumens which can’t be called bad.

When you buy this projector, some useful components are provided like power adapter, remote, tripod stand & manual.

3. Ports & Tripod Hole

There are multiple ports in the projector like micro USB charging port, HDMI port, USB 2.0 port, Power master port, Earphone jack.

In addition, you get to see a hole for attaching a tripod to it so that it could work as a stand for the projector. There are so many features that make it the best projector for home theater in India.

Other features

  • Compatible with the wireless contact with the smartphone
  • Multi screen feature
  • Adjustable image range is up to 30 to 120 inches
  • High quality sound
  • It supports 3D movies or videos


You get 2 years warranty on projector.

  • You Get Two Types Lumens To Enhance The Picture Quality

  • Multiple Portability

  • Miracast Feature

  • Brightness Lumens Is A Bit Less

6. Myra Home Cinema LED Projector

Contrast Ratio1500:1
PortsUSB, AV, 3.5mm out VGA & HDMI
Brightness2000 Lumens
3D SupportYes
Warranty1 Year


I have already discussed a projector of this company above. This is the second projector of the same company, which is one of the best home theater projectors.

I will recommend you this only for home usages. It also comes with many types of features.

Note – Keep in mind, not useful for offices or representations.

1. Brightness Lumens, Resolution & Ultraviolet rays free

First of all, we talk about its brightness lumens. Its value is 2200 which represents a good brightness.

Its native resolution is 800 × 480p, but the maximum resolution of the projector is 1080 pixels. It doesn’t affect your eyes because of no emission of any type of ultraviolet ray. It is completely free from UVR.

2. Ports & 3D Support

You get a lot of ports in this projector like 2 HDMI, AV, VGA, 2 USB and other video & audio ports.

Life of this projector is about 10 years. This is 3D supported and you get 2 red and blue 3D glasses in it so that you can enjoy 3D movies or videos easily at your own home.

Other features

  • Projector’s design is absolutely dustfree
  • 3 pieces of glass lenses
  • Provided components like VGA cable, power plug, manual & remote
  • 50,000 hours lamp life


1 Year on Product.

  • Long Life Projector

  • No Ultraviolet rays

  • Dustfree Design

  • Not Suitable For Presentation Or Office Purposes

7. Vivibright GP90 LED Home Theater Projector

 best portable projector India
Brightness3200 Lumens
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Projection Distance1.5 To 5 Meters
Warranty1 Year


This Vivibright Projector is superb projector and full of new technologies.

I won’t hesitate to recommend it. Though, it is a little above from 15,000 rupees but is very good in quality.

1. Ports & Projection Size

This is a lightweight projector and comes with multiple ports to connect pendrive, pc, laptop, setup box, USB devices etc.

Its projection size is 35 to 280 inches, which allows you to feel like a cinema at your home.

2. Brightness & Resolution

The lamp of this projector is fitted of a durable quality with 3200 lumens, it indicates to good brightness. Moreover, the native resolution of the projector is 1280 × 800p that enhances your viewing experience. It also supports 1080p videos.

3. Stereo Speakers & Lamp Life

Well, I got a great quality sound with stereo speakers that create a adorable experience when you watch anything.

In order to make the projector’s life long, It’s designed in such a way the the surface of the projector doesn’t heat too much. As a result, the LED lamp lasts over 30,000 hours.

Other features

  • You get some accessories with the projector like 1 AV cable, remote & 1 power adapter
  • The projector can connect a pendrive, hard disk & mobile to project the content
  • Dual IR receiver
  • Keystone adjustment
  • It supports more video formats & can be used for data presentations


The warranty of the product is one year.

  • Stereo Speakers

  • Long LED Lamp Life

  • Higher Lumens


8. Vivibright C80 Home Theater Projector

Weight1.51 Kg
Brightness2200 Lumens
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Warranty1 Year


1. Brightness & Projection Size

So guys, here is again a projector from the brand Vivibright. If you want a budget projector under 10,000 rupees, better than this you can’t get any other projector in this price.

It gets fixed with 2200 lumens that create a great brightness and at the time of watching you feel a better experience.

In this price, you get a larger projection size that is about 37 to 110 inches and too well. Life of its LED lamp has also Long Life, which is over 30,000 hours.

2. Resolution & Material

The native resolution of this projector is 1280 × 720 but it also supports resolution up to 1080p.

Whenever you buy this projector, you find that the size is small, but used the material is solid in making it. In this you get more needy ports.


As usual, you get one year warranty on projector.

  • Mutiple Features In Budget

  • Long Life Of LED Lamp



finally, the article about the best projector in India is completed. After many researches, I got these all. These all the projectors can prove to be the best for you. According to your aspects, buy the best projector for your home in India.

This little opinion of mine can be a great help for you. I always recommend the products, which are better from all the perspectives.

Today, I have told you about some of the awesome projectors through this article.

If you use these projectors rather than TVs at your home, it may be more advantages. These are all the best projectors in India.

Note –

If you have a bit knowledge about the projectors then you will probably be able to choose the best projector for yourself.

So, you always have to choose the projector according to your budget and requirements.

Sometimes, it happens that we need a little, but buy more and as a result money gets wasted. Therefore, I just want to say you that take a projector, which can actually fulfill your needs, not only should be expensive.

Because, sometimes it happens that expensive things are not so good as we expect. So, be careful and avoid these types of deception.

If you are searching for the for well tested and best budget projector in India, do follow this genuine review about best projector in India.

Here, step by step things have been described about the best projector for home in India.

Now, you are free to choose the best projector under 15,000 rupees and convert your home in a real cinema by using the best projector for home in India.

Thank you.

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