Best Projectors In India ( 2020 ) – Buyer’s Guide

In this article, I have discussed about the best projectors in India under 10000 rupees. After reading the post, you will definitely find one best projector in India for yourself.

Best Projectors In India –

The use of projector is increasing day by day. As you go to watch cinema, you have a different experience of watching a movie. In the same way, some people now enjoying cinema by using projectors at home.

However, real cinema cannot be compared to home cinema, but to a lesser extent it is true to enjoy cinema at your own home by using the best projectors in India.

By the way, I have already written an article about the best projectors in India but the range was around 15000 rupees, which not everybody can effort. Keeping this in mind, I again wrote a post about the best projectors in India, in which good projectors have been told and these all are cheap as well.

You can choose any of the projectors I have discussed. After examining all these things, their brightness, contrast ratio, projection size, design, material have been included in my list.

I promise it will help you to choose the best projector for home.

So let’s start

1. Dinshi Pro Home Theater LED Projector

best projector home theatre
best projector home theatre
Contrast Ratio1500:1
Weight2.8 Kg
Projection Size50 To 180 Inches
Warranty1 Year


As you know, in this post I have told you about some of the best projectors under 10000 Rupees. This best projector home theatre belongs to dinshi brand, which is not so famous but this product of this brand is very good.

1. Resolution, Brightness & Connectivity

In this range you get a native resolution of 800 × 600p and the maximum value of resolution is 1920 × 1080p which is also known as full HD.

Including such a resolution you also experience sufficient brightness which is 2000 lumens. You can also use it by connecting many things like PCs, laptops, pendrives, smartphones, gaming consoles, cameras, SD cards etc.

2. Lamp & Screen Distance

This projector has LED lamp whose life is more than 20000 hours and adjustable screen distance upto 1.1 to 1.5 meters.

Other features

  • Multiple ports like VGA, HDMI, USB, Audio jack & AV
  • Useful for photos, music, videos and ebooks.
  • It includes an innovative cooling system to suppress fan sound by half, so that your focus remains steady while watching movies or videos.


Manufacturing warranty is provided for one year.

  • Easy to carry and light weight

  • 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports

  • Supports HD movies at your home


2. Egate i9 HD LED Projector

best projector in India for home
best projector in India for home
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Max Protection Size120 Inches
Warranty1 Year


If you are looking to buy a best projector in India for home under 6000 rupees, then it can be one of the best projectors.

You can enjoy all those fetaures under 6000 rupees which are mostly seen in projectors around 10000 rupees.

1. Design & Connectivity

The body surface is completely dust free and simply designed with white color. The most important thing is its lamp that is built with the combination of five lenses to generate a clear image.

Projector includes enough connections to enjoy movies, music, pictures in many ways using ports of USB, HDMI, AV, VGA, SD card and Audio jack.

2. Resolution, Lamp Life & Brightness

There are two of types of resolutions. The first one is native resolution of 800 × 480 pixels and it goes upto maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080p ( Full HD ).

To show high quality of pictures and videos on the screen, the projector has a LED lamp with long life of 30000 hours and the total amount of visible light is 1500 lumens which is known as the brightness of the projector. The other side, you get 120 ANSI lumens.

Other features

  • It consists of more than 16k colors on the screen
  • The projector can bear the temperature upto 49 degree centigrade
  • Using this, you can play different sound formats


You get one year warranty on the projector.

  • Capable to withstand high temperature

  • ANSI lumens brightness for clear pictures

  • Supports multi sound formats


3. Qawachh LED HD Projector

best home theatre projector in India
best home theatre projector in India
Weight1.1 Kg
Projection Size34 To 130 Inches
Garranty90 Days


I highly recommend it to you because people have liked it very much, so you want a home projector, I recommend you this one as a best home theatre projector in India.

1. Design, Lamp Life & Power Consumption

The projector is built with a combination of two colors. The entire body is of white color, but in front and back portion used color is black.

It has enough space for the internal heat to come out on the side and all the connectivity ports are also here.

Its lens is of LED type which lasts 20000 hours. It also gives you the pleasure of home cinema at your home without any hassle by spending less electricity i.e power consumption is around 55 watts.

2. Connectivity & Brightness

It doesn’t have much connectivity options but enough like 3.5 mm jack, USB port, VGA port and others.

The brightness is 1200 lumens which can’t be said much but whatever is enough. If seen, it is right projector to have at your home.


The brand provides only 3 months warranty on the product.

  • Light weight

  • Projection size is enough ( 34 To 130 Inches )

  • Not comprehensive warranty

4. Vivibright Full HD LED Projector

best projector for home theater in India
best projector for home theater in India
Weight1.4 Kg
Max Projection Size120 Inches
Brightness1200 Lumens
Warranty1 Year


This projector is around 8000 rupees, it has also been included in the list after much investigation.

The comments of the people who bought it were quite positive and I also checked it, so it was worth recommending to you. If you want to buy a projector up to 8000 rupees, then it can prove to be the best projector for home theater in India for you.

1. Design & Lamp Life

The design of the projector is very classy and the whole body is of black color.

This is perfect for those who want a lot of ports in a projector. It has control buttons on the top, with which you can totally control this projector.

All the ports available in the back side which help to connect different types of devices.

The projector has very good quality of material and secondly LED lamp is also made of quality material and works very well, which comes with life of 20000 hours or you can say in other words its life is around two and a half years.

Other features

  • You can watch 3D movies using red blue glasses
  • It allows you to play 1080p video ( Maximum Resolution )


Usually, this projector has one year warranty to provide any type of support during problems.

  • Easy to use for private cinema

  • Play 1080p video

  • Not for schools and business

5. Dinshi Infinix+ Full HD Projector

cheap and best projector in India
cheap and best projector in India
Weight1.4 Kg
Max Projection Size50 To 150 Inches
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Warranty1 Year


This mini projector can prove to be the best for you because it gives you a lot of fun to your family and includes much qualities which enhance your viewing experience so that you can experience a real cinema at your own home.

According to me, this is cheap and best projector in India under 10,000 rupees.

1. Design, Brightness, Cooling System & Noise

The design is not so special which I will discuss and Its look is also very simple. If you buy it, only I would say that you get valuable product in terms of performance.

Brightness improves video and picture quality. Overall, everything can be seen clearly. While working, it doesn’t have too much noise. The fans in it keep running with low noise and save the entire projector from getting heat.

2. Resolution, Connectivity & Sound

Its native resolution is 800 × 480p and it supports resolutions up to 1080p. You get many types of ports in it. There is an option to connect external sound and even the projector easily connects HDMI and USB devices.

So, you get all the necessary things with this projector, this is dinshi’s one of the best projectors in India.

Other features

  • Miracast Wifi
  • LED Life 20000 hours
  • All types of ports like VGA, Pendrive and more


You get one year warranty on the product.

  • It does not get too hot

  • Full HD support


6. Vivibright Home Theatre HD Projector

Weight1.51 Kg
Projection Size37 To 110 Inches
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Warranty1 Year


Along with the design, its performance is also very good. That’s why I took it in the list. This projector is rated 4, so that you can understand how good it is. I consider it as one of the best projectors in India for home theater.

1. Design & Resolution

If we talk about its design, then I would say that perfectly designed. Its color is white and the power button is given upwards to start it.

In this, you can also adjust keystone correction and focus. It has all the ports at the back to connect all these devices like PC, laptop, set top box and even AV, 2 USB ports.

HD resolution projector that supports videos up to 1080p. The brightness of its projector is sufficient according to its range.

Other features

  • Lamp life is around 30,000 hours
  • 2200 lumens brightness provided
  • It shows brighter pictures
  • Projection screen size ( 37 To 110 Inches )


You get 1 year warranty on the product.

  • Supports surround sounds

  • Brighter quality of pictures and videos

  • Longer Lamp Life


7. Myra LED Projector For Home Cinema

Weight1.50 Kg
Lamp Life20000 Hours
Projection Size37 To 130 Inches
Warranty1 Year


1. 3D Glasses Support & Connectivity

The projector can be used only for home purpose. Because, it is not designed for office or school purposes.

It can be used very well like a home theater. In this you get red and blue 3D glasses support.

Remember, the most important thing is that you can only use Pendrive in this. If you are guessing that hard disks or phones can be used then my answer will be “No”. You can’t use hard disks or phones.

2. Brightness & Resolution

The brightness power ( 1800 lumens ) is very good according to its price and if you pay a little attention to the resolution, it is also good, which is 800 × 600p. It is also supportable up to 1080p.


As usual, you get one year warranty on the product.

  • Enough Features according to its price

8. Jinie Uc46 Wifi LED Projector

Projection Size36 To 130 Inches
Contrast Ratio800:1


First of all, let me tell you that this projector is around 6000 rupees and has got 5 ratings out of 5.

Now, you can think how good it is ! I have also tested it, so I am impressed with its performance and I would also recommend it to everyone who needs a budget and one of the best projectors in India.

1. Design

This projector has been designed systematically using black Color.

In this, you have given power button and controling buttons above and some ports in one side ( Av, USB, HDMI ) in which you are free to connect different types of devices. Power input slot, you get on the other side.

2. Connectivity & Power Consumption

As I told you that there are many ports in it, with the help of which you can make many connections with USB, SD card, PC, laptop etc.

Its power consumption is very low. This projector uses as much electricity as is necessary at working time. It also saves your electricity.

Other features

  • At time of working, you can charge your phone using USB 5V
  • For better experience of audio, connect an external speaker
  • Suitable for movies, games and pictures


No warranty on the product.

  • A lot of features

  • It consumes low power of light


Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

So friends, I hope that you liked this article. If you have thought to buy a projector for enjoying home cinema then all these can prove to be better for you.

If you want to buy one of the best among all of them, then I recommend you to buy either third ( Qawachh ) or the seventh ( Myra ). Well, Myra is liked by many people.

Now, don’t think that apart from these two, whatever I have told are useless. It is not like that at all.

These are all good projectors, only I am giving priority to those projectors which have been liked most by the people.

FAQs on the best projectors in India –

1. Which is the best projector in India ?

Read this article you will definitely find one as the best projector in India. If you have any problem in reading, without any hassle go with Qawachh, Myra, Vivibright, Dinshi or Egate.

These all are the best brands in Projectors.

2. How many lumens do you need to project in daylight ?

if you want to use projectors in daylight, there should be almost 2000 to 2500 lumens at least, otherwise you will be unable to see pictures clearly.

3. Which is better TV or projector ?

Actually, in my opinion projector is better than TV. It is so because by using projectors you can easily increase or decrease the projector size, but in TV you can’t do that.

On the other hand for getting same resolution the projectors are slightly cheap in comparison TVs.

So, overall I’ll say that buy projectors instead of TVs.

Thank you.

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