Best Room Heaters In India ( 2021 ) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Here, you get all the best room heaters in India under 5,000 rupees. I have discussed everything about the room heaters, so if you are searching for the best room heaters in India, read this article properly.

Best Room Heaters In India –

As you all can feel that the weather has started changing and slowly due to changing weather, we are also changing ourselves in dressing sense.

Actually, whenever we enter our house during the winter season, we just search for a quilt or blanket as soon as possible, so that we can emit the cold that we have inside our body, but in fact it is a bit difficult to make the body hot immediately using quilt or blanket.

So for feeling hot quickly, only one thing can be done, either you find a hot quilt or your room should already warm otherwise you can’t do it fast, so to get rid of cold you can buy room heaters to make your room hot very fast.

Today, I am going to tell you about the best room heaters, which are used in winter.

Use Of Room Heaters –

Just as we use AC in our house to cool the room in summer, similarly we use room heaters to heat our room in winter. A fan attached to this makes the entire room warm.

You must have seen a lot of room heaters that help us to make the room warm easily, so here are some of the best room heaters, which are very superb in performace and quality too.

I did a lot of research and tried to get good room heaters in the manner. Although, I was going to tell about 8 best room heaters, but I got only 5 such room heaters which I really liked.

So let’s start without losing time and definitely I promise that you will know which room heaters are best.

Apart from this, if you need geysers for winter season, you can also read the article.

1. Havells Calido PTC Fan Room Heater

best room heater in India
Weight2.78 Kg
Power2000 W
Warranty1 Year


1. Material, Weight & Cooling Fan

The heater has been made using good quality of plastic material manufactured by Havells company and even there is something iron material at some places.

It’s not very heavy, it weighs only around 3 kg and finished with strong body as well as chemical resistent.

The cooling fan in this heater quickly expands the heat and as a result the room heats up in minutes. If we talk about its power plug, it looks very simple in design, which can be easily plugged into any type of circuit.

2. Thermostat And Red Light Indicator

Thermostat controls the temperature system of this heater, on the top you get a temperature knob, you can fix it at off, low or high position as per your requirement.

The red light indicator given in this is just a bit of work to show that the heater is on or off. When it glows red, it means the heater is on and when it doesn’t glow that means the heater is off.

There is not much to say about it, so if you are looking to buy a room heater, I will definitely recommed it. This can prove to be the best room heater in India.


The brand provides only one year warranty on the product.

  • Light weight

  • You can easily run it for 8 to 10 hours


2. Warmex PTC Room Heater

which is best room heater
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Power1000/2000 Watts
Warranty1 Year


1. Look, Performance, Speed And Modes

This room heater works very smartly and a very genuine product. However, its design is not so impressive as you expect, but in performance, it is a very good room heater to have.

It can be run in two modes. The first one at 1000 watts and the other at 2000 watts. This means you can set its power as per the requirement and free to save expenses as well.

I felt its best feature is that it automatically shuts down as soon as you lift it from the suface. I really liked it.

You should know one more thing that on the second heat setting, it heats the room with double speed, so if there is too much cold in your area, you can use it on second mode that is 2000 watts and heat your room in minutes.

If you are confused to find which is best room heater ?, definitely it will be better in low price.


The provided warranty on the product is one year.

  • Very efficient in performance

  • It consists of different powers

  • Not much attractive in design

3. Bajaj Majesty 2000 Watts Room Heater

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Weight1.74 Kg
Power2000 Watts
Warranty2 Years


1. Size, Handle & Knobs

If your budget is around 3,000 rupees, then it can prove to be one of the best room heaters in India. Its size is very compact and it has a handle on the back, which helps us in holding or lifting it.

There are two different knobs of plastic material on top face. Their types are similar to that of knobs seen in normal washing machines.

By using the thermostat knob, you can emit both low or high intensity heat.

2. Emitting Air Process

You can heat the room by using both modes. As per your requirement, you are free to set its heating modes. In this, you get to see the fan on top face, which by absorbing the air around it, the hot air emits through the front mesh.

I found this room heater very easy to use with high performance. If you want a small and powerful room heater, you can go for it.


You get 2 years warranty on this room heater

  • Very light weight

  • Comprehensive warranty of 2 years

  • Under budget


4. Havells 2000 Watts Room Heater

best room heaters in India
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight2.5 Kg
ColorWhite & Black
Power2000 Watts
Warranty1 Year


1. Stand & Hook Sections

I liked its design in one go. It has a blower in front from which the hot air comes out.

To keep it on the floor, four stands have been given and hook sections for wall mounting on back along with it, so that you can make it useful by fitting on the wall.

2. Knobs & Controllers

You get two knobs on top face of the room heater, which are perfect in both ( design and quality ).

Both the knobs are close to each other. One is for low or high heat, which acts like thermostat and the other is to control the entire heater, which is graduated with off, cool, warm and hot options.

The mesh with blower is in black color and the whole body is in white color.

Other features

  • Adjustable vent to deliver hot air
  • Cool touch body & cooling fan function
  • The heater can easily warm the room area of 150 sqft
  • A handle to carry it

So overall I would say, in terms of price, quality and other things, this is one of the best room heaters in India.


For any type of support you get one year warranty on the product.

  • A powerful heater

  • Attractive look and compact size

  • Adjustable vent


5. Usha 3 Settings Room Heater

best room heaters review
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight3.29 Kg
Power665/1320/2000 Watts
Warranty1 Year


1. Design

It didn’t look so cool, because I think its design looks a bit old fashioned. However, my thoughts may be slightly different from the perspective of design, because every person has different preferences.

So, I didn’t like the design as much as the one above, but in the performance, it is worth competing with all those mentioned above.

2. Stand & Power

It has a stand at the bottom, which lifts its front portion slightly and there is also a red light indicator on the top.

The knob included in it, contains three types of settings. This means, you can run this room heater at 665, 1320 and 2000 watts of power. In addition, there is a handle on top to carry it.

I found it as a powerful blower and also works perfectly. The price of this heater is not high and even includes all the features that actually should be in the best room heater.

Other features

  • Thermal cut out safety
  • Air inlet grills
  • Two fan speed
  • Covering area 150 sqft


The brand provides one year complete warranty.

  • Nice coverage area

  • Mutiple settings

  • Design is old fashioned

Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

So friends, there is a hope that whatever I have shared with you will have been beneficial for you. I have told you only about the room heaters which are perfect in both quality and performance as well as liked by the people.

If you are looking for the best room heaters in India under 5,000 rupees, then you can choose any of these, because I have only taken in my list, which really deserve to buy.

It is all about best room heaters review and genuine too.

If you want my recommendation, it is for 1 ( Havells Calido PTC Fan Room Heater ), 2 ( Warmex PTC Room Heater ), 4 ( Havells 2000 Watts Room Heater ).

Important Note –

There is a lot of deceptions in the market. When you go to buy the best room heater in India, plenty of brands claim for providing the best room heaters in India, but be aware of them.

Sometimes by showing you a good picture, some clever companies make their owl straight by scamming the product, but don’t worry here I am with you to help in buying the best room heater blower in India.

Additionally I will always recommend you, before buying room heaters in India or whatever you want read reviews from trusted websites and go through them to buy, I promise you won’t be cheated.

FAQs On the best room heaters in India –

1. Which is the best room heater in India ?

As you know, finding out the best room heaters in India a bit difficult that is why I wrote this article.

I guarantee that if you buy any of those you will not be despondent so I am recommending these 1 ( Havells Calido PTC Fan Room Heater ), 2 ( Warmex PTC Room Heater ), 4 ( Havells 2000 Watts Room Heater ).

2. What type of room heater is best ?

Yes, this is very important question. if you are looking for this question’s answer, you are searching right things.

firstly, you should check how many ranges are there to change the power of the heater. Additionally, you have to focus on other factors like weight, warranty & the most important things are size and handle.

3. Where is the best place to put a heater in a room ?

Basically, when we bring a room heater to our home, the problem is risen which place will be suitable to put that, I will suggest you to put it near the window of the room or you can put it near the door.

both the places are perfect for placing the room heater.

4. Can heaters give cancer ?

Not at all, but if you use room heaters with high efficiency or for hours, it can damage your skin and it can also create respiratory disease.

Thank you.

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