Best Vacuum Cleaners In India ( 2021 ) – Cord Free & Robotics

Here, in this article you would know about the best vacuum cleaners for home. The article refers to a deep knowledge about the best vacuum cleaners in India.

Best Vacuum Cleaners In India For Home –

Friends if you think how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home, once again I am here for your help. Today, I am going to take you to the article, which can actually solve the problem of cleaning dust from your house.

As you know, the women of the house look very busy in today’s time. They always do something to clean dust of the house, but when we talk about dust on the floor, it always remains in our house.

Even after wasting a lot of time, we are unable to clean our house properly from debris or dust.

That is why, if you have to do any kind of dust cleaning property, then I would suggest you to bring the best vacuum cleaner in the house.

Now, it depends on you which type of vacuum cleaner you want.

So, don’t be confused that, which is the best vacuum cleaner ? There are many brands available related to vacuum cleaners, but I am going to tell you about some such vacuum cleaners that you can bring to your house without any problem.

Finally, I only want to say that if you have a bit knowledge about the vacuum cleaners, you may be able to get a vacuum cleaner of good quality and performance.

1. Dyson V7 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

Weight2.3 Kg
Cleaning TypeDry
Warranty2 Years


1. Design, Motor & Attachments

Normally, you see vacuum cleaners in a drum style with cords, but this one has something diffrent look as it is shown in the picture. I also consider it as one of the best vacuum cleaners for home.

In order to maintain all dry cleaning, it includes a motor inside it with a high suction power and four changeable additional attachments too.

Vacuum cleaner is convertible into a short or long type machine after changing its attachments.

2. Cleaning types, Ejector & Charging

The powerful motor is at the back of cleaner and there is also a handle to hold it right there. This vacuum cleaner is very useful for a deep cleaning of carpets, cars, sofas and upholstery driving the head of the cleaner on them.

At the same time, an easy ejector drives out all the trapped debris in one action.

Except a charging system, additional attachments and a ducking station, there are multiple features in it to make fade free cleaning & storing.

Other features

  • On full charge, it can run 30 minutes by using normal mode
  • Able to capture microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns


From the date of purchasing, you get a comprehensive support of 2 years.

  • Attractive look & well designed

  • High suction power

  • Easy operations at high places


2. iLife V7 Plus Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaner

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight5.2 Kg
ColorRose Gold
Cleaning TypeWet & Dry
Warranty1 Year


1. Design, Cleaning types & Dustbin Part

You get a round shape vacuum cleaner in rose gold color and it is easily able to reach out narrow or small places to clean them.

This is a very impressive, full of technology, compact and an automatic vacuum cleaner. The brand offers to the buyers a smart vacuum cleaner and permits you to operate it smartly. Both types of cleaning, you can do through it.

Anyone will hardly deny it to have in his house due to its charming look and technology. A dustbin is put on the top, from where you can easily remove and refit it again to store debris.

2. Technology

It includes multiple technology as the brand specified. I am focusing on some of those.

  • i-dropping technology
  • Smart dustbin detector
  • Multiple cleaning modes

i-dropping technology

This is all about wet cleaning. i-dropping technology allows the vacuum cleaner to sprinkle water on floor at the time of moving on.

When the robot stops moving, then automatically water tank stops dispensing water too because of mopping by the robot at that time.

Smart dustbin detector

Suppose, you forget to insert the dustbin inside robot, this feature alerts you about it, so that it doesn’t happen any mechanical disturbance.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

It consists of different modes to suit at the right time of needs. If you wanna use it as an automatic machine, use its auto mode. Edge mode confirms to do corners cleaning in deep.

There are two other modes, which are spot mode for cleaning a specific area and scheduled mode for preset cleaning.

Other features

  • After a charge, it works 120 minutes to 140 minutes
  • Automatic charge
  • HEPA filter & Brush

To feel a better experience with this best home vacuum cleaner, you can buy this one too.


There is normal warranty on the product that is one year.

  • Both types of cleaning ( dry & wet )

  • Full of multiple technology

  • In one charge, it works around 2 hours


3. Dyson V11 Pro Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

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Weight2.5 Kg
Cleaning TypeDry
Warranty2 Years


1. Power, Torque & LCD Display

This Dyson V11 is more powerful to suck anything and considered to have 40% more suction power than the Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner.

Looks as the first above, but both are different in performance, this includes high torque on auto mode to adjust on any type of floor and always optimizes its power and running time too.

The LCD display shows every event and the battery power countdown too. This means, easily you can find out how much longer it will last in real time.

2. Modes, Battery & Dust Emptying

0.3 microns particles, dust and all the unnecessary particles in the room, car and even multi types of floors can be extracted by using this Dyson 11 vacuum cleaner.

In order to maintain a range of tasks, there are three modes to use as per your requirement.

You see a more powerful lithium ion battery to use it again and again, dustbin can be easily ejected in one action with touching the debris.

Other features

  • Intelligent cleaning modes ( Eco, Auto & Boost )
  • DLS ( Dynamic Load Sensor ) to automatically change suction power and motor speed
  • 1,25000 revolutions per minutes
  • Cyclone technology
  • Easily reach up at high places
  • for cleaning cars & mattresses

Ultimately I would say, you can go for it. I felt no problem, so I queued up the best vacuum cleaners for home in India.


The brand provides two years warranty on the product.

  • Three speed modes

  • Powerful battery

  • High torque on auto mode


4. ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Weight4.75 Kg
Size21.5 Inches
Warranty1 Year


1. Suction Power & Max Mode

After examining it, my words are It’s an amazing and the best home vacuum cleaner in India. It is very simple to use and in looking too, but works very smartly. The vacuum cleaner works on both types of floors ( hard or carpet ).

When somewhere you feel it’s hard to clean, you are free to double its suction power, after enabling max mode it converts into an automatic fast robot and cleans everything deeply.

2. Cleaning System, Dustbin & Battery

Total process of cleaning happens in three simple steps. If you are something confused about it, so don’t worry it means, there are three stages of cleaning. All goes through side brush, main brush and vacuum respectively and then cleaning process ends.

There is no need to be worry about a lot of dust or debris in the house because of large dustbin inside the cleaner.

Used battery is a long lasting. On one time full charging, it can work up to 120 minutes continuously without any hassle.

Other features

  • Full control by the app
  • Automatic charging
  • Compatibility with amazon alexa
  • Scheduling for automatic start
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Anti collision sensors to protect it


One year warranty you get on this vacuum cleaner.

  • Perfect for deep cleaning

  • Anti collision sensors

  • Automatic charging


5. iRobot 600 Series Vacuum Cleaner

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Weight3.6 Kg
Cleaning TypeDry
Warranty2 Years & 1 Year


1. Cleaning System & Working Process

This is an automatic and authentic vacuum cleaner to work in multiple ways of cleaning. This one also can be prove to be the best vacuum cleaner for home in India.

At the corners, between the floor and even under the furniture, its brushes intelligently capture dust, dirt, and pet hair. It works on both types of floors ( soft or hard ) and clearly works as real.

The cleaning system goes through three methods. On the way to the vacuum cleaner, the brushes on its sides collect dust, at the same time many surface brushes lift above the surface, after which the vacuum suction takes the collected debris directly to the dustbin.

2. Dirt Detective & iAdapt Technology

Dirt detective feature allows the vacuum cleaner to recognize the large source of area, where the most of the dust is produced.

Sensors automatically recognize dust spot and signal to the vacuum cleaner to get debris into the bin.

iAdapt technology provides to the vacuum cleaner to take more than 60 decisions per second. This makes it an active vacuum cleaner and helps too much to clean thoroughly the rooms of your home in the dark.

Other features

  • Home base charging station
  • At the end of cleaning, it automatically returns to the charging station to be charge
  • Cleans everything without any effort


Brand provides two years warranty on any defect and one year on battery.

  • Individual warranties

  • iAdapt technology

  • Automatically dirt detection


6. Dyson V10 Pro Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
Weight6.12 Kg
ColorCopper & Purple
Cleaning TypeDry
Warranty2 Years


1. Suction Power & Charging Time

If you don’t know, so just for your knowledge Dyson is the best brand of vacuum cleaner in India. This Dyson V10 Pro comes with a powerful motor that spins around 1,25 000 revolutions per minute and generate 130AW suction power.

The process of charging is very easy. Once it is charged, it can easily do operations continuously for an hour. It takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to be charge.

2. Cyclone System & Multi Purpose Use

14 cyclones system generates a high force of pulling of dust or bacterias into the bin. As a result, up to 99.97 % particles as small as 0.3 microns disappear when you use it.

In a quick step, convertible into a handheld machine, that ensures to clean pillow, car’s seat and other upholstery. In addition, you can clean easily the places, where a bit hard to reach.

Other features

  • Three power modes to perform on any type of floor
  • Take out dirf without touching it
  • Long lasting
  • 7 additional attachments


Dyson provides a support of two years on the product.

  • Suitable for reaching at high places

  • Multiple additional attachments

  • Cyclone technology


7. ILife V8s Vacuum Cleaner ( Robotic )

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190707_151939-e1562493895560.jpg
ColorSilver Gray
Cleaning TypeDry With Wet Mopping
Warranty1 Year


1. Design, Dustbin Capacity, Noise Level & Types Of Cleaning

I got a slim and a very attractive product as well. This makes the real sense of cleaning. It’s a robotic type vacuum cleaner.

A large capacity of dustbin ( 750 ml ) to have maximum amount of dust. Easily picks up pet hair, dust and debris in its bin.

Supportive and creative for multiple types of floors. It is very suitable for wooden floor, undercoat carpet and cement type too. Limited noise level, which is less than 60 dB.

The vacuum cleaner supports all necessary things to do like mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and gleaming hard floors easily.

2. Several Modes ( Auto, Path, Max, Edge, Mopping, Spot )

There are six modes to do different kinds of cleaning.

Auto mode ( for cleaning floor automatically, it easily takes auto moves to suck debris and dust from any place of the floor. )

Path mode ( This mode is particularly used when you want a systematic cleaning. By using this mode, you can make it as a programmed. )

Max mode ( Usually, The vacuum cleaner has a enough power of sucking things, but at the time of deep cleaning you can convert it in a high suction power vacuum cleaner. )

Edge mode ( To clean corners and edges of the floor, edge mode is taken in use. Sharply and intelligently it makes cleanliness on the corners. )

Mopping ( For deeper cleaning, this feature provides wet cleaning )

Designated Area cleaning

Other features

  • It comes with a remote control, extra side brushes, charging dock & water tank
  • Multi programmable schedule systems


The warranty is not very comprehensive, it is only one year.

  • You get several modes to different types of cleaning

  • Large Capacity of dustbin


Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

This is my review in very detail about the best vacuum cleaners in India for home.

I have told you about two types of vacuum cleaners in this post. One is automatic and the other non automatic.

If you want to do cleaning without touching or effort, then you can choose automatic vacuum cleaners in India, but if you want to do the cleaning yourself, then I have told many more vacuum cleaners for home related to no automation.

In this list, I have taken only those, which are the best vacuum cleaners in India available on Amazon so far.

If someone wants the best vacuum cleaner in all these, my recommendation is for 2, 3 & 6 ( 2. iLife V7 Plus Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaner, 3. Dyson V11 Pro Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner, 6. Dyson V10 Pro Vacuum Cleaner ).

If you want to buy a budget or a little cheaper than these vacuum cleaners in India, then I have also written an article for that, where you get a number of the best vacuum cleaners in India for home.

Thank you.

FAQs on the best best vacuum cleaners in India –

1. Which is the best vacuum cleaner to buy ?

If you have read this article completely, I think there will be no question in your mind about which is the best vacuum cleaner.

I have taken in this list top vacuum cleaners, so you can choose any of these, but I ‘ll suggest you to buy 2, 3 & 6 ( 2. iLife V7 Plus Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaner, 3. Dyson V11 Pro Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner, 6. Dyson V10 Pro Vacuum Cleaner ).

2. Are vacuum cleaners useful in India ?

Yes, of course my answer will be in the favour of this question. Actually, the vacuum cleaners take minutes in cleaning whereas normal cleaning takes hours.

So, I will say that vacuum cleaners are very useful in India.

3. How do I choose vacuum cleaner ?

It’s very simple question. If you want to choose the best vacuum cleaner, you should check suction power, dustbin capacity, cleaning types, charging, motor & usability.

All these important factors should be checked before buying vacuum cleaners.

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