Best Bluetooth Speaker In India Under Budget ( 2021 ) – A Detailed Review

Best Bluetooth Speaker In India –

Today, I am going to tell you about some of the best bluetooth speakers in India. If you want to buy a perfect and the best bluetooth speaker, I’ll say that you have come at right place.

Here, you’ll get all the information about the best bluetooth speaker under budget as well as know what kinds of features they have.

There’s one more thing that all are inexpensive and easily anyone can afford them.

If you want to buy a high quality bluetooth speaker, I’ve already written an article on this topic. You may read it by clicking on this link.

So, without spending much time let’s dive into the article.

Here is the list of top 7 best bluetooth speakers under budget.

1. Pyle Sound Box Splash Sports Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Audio Wattage800 Watts
Power SourceBattery
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
WarrantyAsk To Seller


1. Design & Buttons

As far as, in my opinion anyone would hardly deny to accept it from the aspects of design. I think, it’s one of the best protable speakers.

The speaker is made of good quality of material in rugged style having sturdy plastic and metal grill around the body.

There’s no problem of sudden fall due to quality material.

There’re total five buttons related to flashlight, power on/off, pause/play, volume up/down & siren sound on the surface of the speaker.

Additionally, under the flap you get a micro USB port to charge the device and a 3.5 mm jack too.

2. Dimension, Hook & Battery Life

The speaker comes with dimension of 7.1″ × 2.8″ × 2.8″ ( W × H × D ). The size of the speaker is pretty well and it easily adds music to any party.

There’s a metal hook loop at one side, which adds comfortability to hold it via clip, wire & chain etc.

The Battery is made of lithium having power of 1400 mAh. Continually, the speaker can run up to 6 hours on one charge. Moreover, it charges via USB cable.

Other features

  • Green in color
  • Push buttons
  • Hand crank turbine charger
  • Audio output mode is stereo
  • Shock proof
  • Easy to handle with any bluetooth enabled-devices
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Splash-Proof Marine-Grade construction

Sometimes, the product changes itself, so make sure this is the green one, not black. Because, I described the green one.


There’s no mention, please ask to the seller.

  • Size is pretty good

  • Easy to use

  • No USB port

2. Sony SRS-XB31 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Warranty1 Year


1. Design, Buttons & Ports

As everyone knows, Sony is a well-known brand in India. Therefore, I took this one of the best sony bluetooth speakers in the list.

It’s manufactured giving a smooth finish. Even it attracts people at a glance by its look. Overall, the design of the speaker is very attractive.

It includes multiple controling buttons on the top with their original signs like Power on/off, volume up with plus ( + ) sign, volume down with minus ( – ) sign.

In addition, under the flap you get extra theee buttons such as Battery checker, NFC and an Add button for connecting multiple bluetooth speakers in a chain.

Moreover, you get a lot of options under the flap like Audio in, USB port for charging a smartphone and a micro USB port to charge the speaker.

2. Sony Music Centre App & Party Booster

Easy way to control the speaker by using provided app ( Sony Music Centre ).

After connecting the speaker to the app, you get a couple of options like Standard sound, Extra bass mode & Live sound. It means, as per your need, you can set it.

There’s a charming feature that is Party Booster. This feature allows you to create different sounds by hitting the speaker.

Other features

  • NFC & Bluetooth enabled device
  • Rust, dust & water proof
  • You’re free to connect 100 speakers like a chain
  • Maximum bluetooth range is 30m
  • It runs for 24 hours in one charge ( it can vary according to usage )
  • Multi-colored line lights
  • Built-in mic


The provided warranty is one year on the product.

  • NFC technology

  • Good battery life

  • It can be controlled by an app


    3. LG XBoom Go PK5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Weight1.2 Kg
    Speaker ConnectivityWireless
    Warranty1 Year


    1. Design, Material Quality, LED Lights & Handle

    Overall, design looks like a transistor when you hold it by your hand. The armor that surrounds the speaker is of very good quality.

    I don’t think that even if it’s abruptly released from the hand, then any effect is going to affect it.

    The entire body is made of sturdy plastic and both the drivers are protected by metal grills.

    Apart from this, you enjoy a lot this speaker when you switch multi-colored LED lights. Additionally, if you don’t want it, you are free to turn it off from the top button.

    Moreover, it can be easily held by using the handle installed in its armor.

    2. Buttons, Sound Quality & Voice Command

    There’re lots of buttons on the very top like power on/off, volume up/down, bluetooth, clear vocal, enhanced bass etc. By using them, have a control on the speaker.

    Sound quality is good enough. Speaker plays music in 24-bit quality that’s also can be said, it’s closer to premium sound.

    Voice command option makes an easy access. Just press the voice command button on the top and activate your phone’s voice assistant, now you can enjoy music by giving instructions to your own phone.

    Other features

    • Dual action powerful bass
    • Water resistant
    • Splash proof


    The provided warranty on the product is one year.

    • Water proof

    • Premium sound quality

    • Easy voice command


      4. JBL Xtream 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

      Weight2.3 Kg
      Speaker ConnectivityWireless
      Warranty1 Year


      1. Design, Buttons & Port

      If you love JBL bluetooth speakers, this one is for you.

      The design of the speaker is simple, but designed very smartly. It’s a jumbo-sized speaker.

      All the controling buttons are on the top, which help us in many ways.

      These all are related to volume up/down, bluetooth, power button and additionally there is a button to link 100+ JBL speakers with it.

      As a result, you can make up a big sound system by connecting these ones to one another.

      All the ports are located at the back of the speaker under the water resistant flap.

      You get there a 3.5mm jack, micro USB port to charge the speaker, a USB charge out port by using which you can easily charge up an external device etc.

      2. Battery & Echo-Cancelling Speakerphone

      If we talk about the battery, The used battery is of Li-ion, which is rechargeable. In one go, it runs around 14 to 15 hours as I experienced.

      Moreover, The speaker has a Echo-cancelling speakerphone that allows you to pic up calls by tapping a button easily.

      Other features

      • IPX7 Waterproof
      • Dual passive radiators
      • JBL connect+ technology
      • The speaker lets you activate Google Assistant or Siri
      • Dynamic stereo sound
      • Fabric material
      • 360° Sound


      The speaker comes with one year of warranty.

      • Jumbo-sized speaker

      • Passive radiators


        5. Alishell LLC Vtin Bluetooth Speaker

        Speaker ConnectivityWireless
        WarrantyAsk To Seller


        1. Size, Battery & Radiators

        literally, it’s true, this is one of the best bluetooth speakers online that fulfils all the sound related requirements.

        This speaker can be easily held by your hands as it’s much smaller than any other speaker.

        If you travel a lot and want to have music pleasant with you, definitely I’ll recommend you this speaker due to its longer battery life.

        As the brand says that it is capable of running up to 25 hours, that’s true. I checked and got accuracy on battery life.

        2. Output Power, Port & Buttons

        Speaker’s great sound comes out from the two radiators of each 10 watts.

        It means, its maximum output power is 20 watts due to which transmission of sound is easily done in rooms up to 2000 sqft.

        As you know, it’s a bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy listening wirelessly. But, it also has a USB port and a 3.5 mm jack by side under a flap.

        As usual, you get all the controling buttons on the top related to volume up/down & power on/off.

        Other features

        • Dust & rust free
        • Clear hand-free calls
        • 30 to 33 ft range of bluetooth ( version 5.0 ) connectivity
        • 4400 mAh built-in battery
        • Included components such as 3.5mm audio cable, USB cable & carabiner


        If you want to know the warranty period, you can directly ask to seller.

        • Longer battery life

        • Portable Bluetooth speaker


          6. Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker

          Weight1.05 Kg
          Speaker ConnectivityWireless
          WarrantyAsk To Seller


          1. Design & Material

          This Anker soundcore motion+ speaker is awesome both in quality and performance.

          The speaker is made in such a way when you put it on the table or wherever you want, it’s protected at an angle due to its overall design.

          Two types of materials are used in building the speaker.

          Somewhere it has a matte finished or you can say that the area where the controling buttons are present is totally matte finished, which acquires your fingerprints on touching.

          The second one is metal, which is in form of grill covering its radiators.

          2. Ports & Buttons

          Under the flap, you get a 3.5 mm line out & a USB type C port. Moreover, just adjacent to the flap you get the power button to turn on/off the speaker.

          On the matte surface, it’s provided by some useful buttons like bluetooth, volume up and down etc.

          Other features

          • 12-hours playtime
          • IPX7 technology
          • It can be controlled by its app
          • Extended bass and trouble
          • Maximum output power is 30 watts
          • Uses 2-Lithium polymer batteries
          • built-in 6700mAh battery


          Not mentioned, so directly ask to the seller.

          • Long lasting

          • Attractive design

          • Light weight


            7. Doss Soundbox Pro+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

            Speaker ConnectivityWireless


            1. Design & Buttons

            The design of the speaker is very premium and it comes with multi color lights that enhances its overall look.

            This speaker has a very simple interface to use it. On the upper portion, you get a symmetrically fixed buttons related to Add, Mode, Volume up/down and a Pause/Play in the middle.

            Moreover, at a distance of these buttons you get a power on/off and an extra bass button.

            2. Bluetooth Range & Battery Life

            Its bluetooth range is quite good, with the help of which you can control it via bluetooth from a distance of about 66 meters.

            Well, the mentioned battery life is 15 hours, but I used it in full volume and I got it changed in value, but it can be said that battery life is good enough.

            Other features

            • Two full-range drivers and dual passive radiators with 24 watts output power with amazing bass
            • Easily connect two SoundBox Pro+ speakers
            • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that runs for 15 hours if you use it without party lights and at half of the volume.
            • Wireless stereo paring
            • Bluetooth 4.2
            • Dust proof
            • DSP technology


            There’s no mention of warranty, you can directly ask to the seller.

            • Very good looking

            • Passive radiators

            • Light weight


              Reviewfy’s Recommendation –

              finally, I hope that the article must have satisfied your requirements.

              In the article, I have taken all the best bluetooth speakers, you can choose any of these as per your need.

              If it is being something difficult to choose the best bluetooth speaker and you want my recommendation, I would recommend you to buy 4, 5 & 7 number bluetooth speaker, which have been short listed.

              You’re free to buy anyone which suits you a lot, I am promising that there will be amusement in all the perspectives.

              Thank you.

              FAQs on best bluetooth speaker –

              1. Which Bluetooth Speaker Is Best ?

              Well, paying attention to your valuable money I recommended some of the best bluetooth speakers in ‘Reviewfy’s Recommendation’ tab.

              Without any hassle, you can pick up one of them which suit you a lot.

              2. Which Bluetooth Speaker Has The Best Bass ?

              Ohh, you are looking for the best bass bluetooth speaker. Genuinely, if want to feel quality bass, I’ll suggest to go with JBL & Sony.

              Both the companies offer deep bass in its speakers whether it’s about low priced or high priced.

              3. Which is the cheap and best bluetooth speaker ?

              well, if you think that you can get a good and cheap bluetooth speaker as well, I think you are surely wrong. I am saying so due to having enough experience. In my opinion, for getting the best bluetooth speaker you will definitely have spent good amount of money.

              hence, for getting those you can choose any of these ones.

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